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Today's letter: Ontario's healthcare system is broken

Saturday, July 2nd: letters @ ottawacitizen. com

The COVID-19 treatment pill Paxlovid must be administered soon after diagnosis in order to be effective.
COVID-19 Therapeutic Paxlovid is effective Should be administered immediately after diagnosis. Photo: JENNIFER LORENZINI/Reuters

Healthcare system failed my mother

My mother tested positive for COVID last Saturday. Given the fact that she is declining in her age and immunity, she is eligible for antiviral drugs. Screening on the Ontario Health website has shown that there are two ways to get a Paxrovid prescription: through a primary caregiver and through a rating clinic.

In Ottawa, it's virtually impossible to contact your doctor over the weekend. Attempts to set up virtual appointments were canceled because clinics were generally full and could not prescribe antivirals in telemedicine. The nearest evaluation center, D. Aubrey Moody was closed on the weekend. This was a concern, to say the least, given that antivirals are most effective in the early stages of infection.

I called Ottawa Public Health and told me the operator couldn't book the rating because the auto attendant drove me to the state. Later, I learned that I could book Moody's Rating Clinic online, so I booked it on Monday. I also learned that my mother could experience an emergency, but the waiting time was 6-8 hours, and the emergency that I spent 11 hours last Tuesday could have been infected in the first place.

At the evaluation center on Monday, I learned that one of the antibiotics prescribed last Tuesday could not take Paxlovid until the system was cleared. This will take 3 days and will be outside 5 days. Analysis of early symptoms of antiviral action. If she tested positive on Saturday and was seen when she stopped her antibiotics, she would have been eligible for antiviral medication.

I also discovered that an Ontario pharmacist wanted to prescribe Paxbolid, which is virtually impossible for primary care physicians to access on weekends, Medical professionals opposed this.

Something is broken in our ability to organize institutions to provide public goods, and our healthcare system is one example. We need to put in place a system to reward our abilities and make those who are not capable accountable. Elections are the most basic way to impose accountability, but too many Canadians are complacent or partisan and cannot point out failures on their part. I thought the pandemic would shake Canadian complacency, but I was wrong. We are worried that our institutions will continue to decline long and slowly, which will reduce our quality of life.

Brian Garland, Ottawa

With this raise, I keep spinning

Re:Canada updated its top doctor, salary increase, June 24th.

I was not a little excited to read that Canada's top doctors were getting paid adjustments ("increase" is such a mundane word)), which rewarded her. Is set at $ 324,000 per year. The word "excited" is not the right word to describe my uplifting feeling. But in the emotional pain of unexpected joy, vocabulary can make us fail.

More importantly, the top I received on my 10th birthday 80 years ago. When you activate the plunger, it still spins weakly, but the zipper is lost to the point where there is no humming. I think my expectations are unrealistic, but I think citizens can use their influence to look up my top and perhaps rejuvenate to Canada's top doctors. She will certainly help renew my gratitude and pride that top doctors live in a country that deserves a nationally recognized newspaper column.

Frank Turner, Ottawa

Federal government helps the rich

It's great that the federal government can raise salaries More than 20 percent to the highest public health director of
when people are at risk of losing their homes due to rising interest rates. Companies are facing higher debt repayment costs. And the economy may be in recession.

At least the top hierarchy doesn't suffer much.

Collet Trent, Chelsea

COVID Time: Keep a distance

Continue to wear masks enthusiastically in nearby public places We are very personal. A very real reason to do so.I think it's a disdain for some people to constantly ignore my obvious mask and fail to keep a safe distance from me.

Isn't it more difficult than grabbing, plunging, waiting for a turn, nodding at the door and giving us six great feet, two great elegance? .. I do not think so. I will do it for you.

Thomas Browne, Orleans

Kanata suffers when the arena moves

Re: Downtown Dream The arena is within reach on June 24th.

Setting up a world-class arena in downtown Ottawa was quite late and should have been built downtown in the first place. The downside is that the current arena of the Ottawa Senators was heavily involved in building and maintaining a vibrant economy in and around Kanata. The economic spillover was enormous.

Downtown arenas have a serious impact on Kanata's economy at first, but after all, it's the right decision. Ottawa Senators belongs to downtown.

Douglas Cornish, Ottawa

The true meaning of "freedom"

The term "freedom" associated with supporters of the winter occupation Was recently introduced to the public. Since it's a new word, can I have the freedom to provide my interpretation of what it means? "Freedom" for me is what our brave Canadian troops did in Europe and two other World Wars and South Korea. That is what our peacekeepers have done in multiple conflict areas around the world.

And when it comes to Canada, what does "freedom" need to be? "Liberals" (my own new word) recommend visiting Ukraine, Syria, or Afghanistan for comparison. Canada isn't perfect, but when it comes to freedom, there's nothing better than that.

John Brooks, Ottawa

The War Museum and Ottawa are great

(almost) 88, I have a short bucket list increase. As a veteran, I always wanted to go to the Canadian War Museum in the capital. Everyone believes that veterans in particular should do so.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be completely surprised at what I saw and felt. I was surprised at the appearance of the building like a bunker. Veterans were even more surprised by the free admission and underground parking. Thank you very much. All the exhibits were great, but the Memorial Hall and Moriyama Regeneration Hall were number one and number two for me.

Ottawan's hospitality is when a young man who is a barber in town picks up my $ 75 tab with a heart and crown just because I was a veteran. Also shown in. It brought tears to my eyes and he didn't even give me his name. I wish I had heard it. Ottawa Thank you. Great experience.

William Stark, LCol (Ret'd), Orillia

We justify NATO's commitment

Re:Canada is further away from NATO's 2% defense spending benchmarkon June 28th.

Canada will rarely contribute to NATO compared to GDP, but I tell people that of other NATO countries compared to the size of our masses. Very few, if any, countries have the same kind of commitment that Canada has.

Do they have boundaries for service? A vast coastline for patrols. Do you have a lot of sparsely populated terrain to monitor natural disasters such as wildlife, floods, wildfires and earthquakes? Which part of their national budget must be allocated to all of them.

Completely out of context, yes, do not measure up to any percentage of contribution set by NATO. And yes, we take NATO's commitment seriously. But if I redistribute the funds to NATO, can I do everything else that is imposed on the Federal Government of Canada?

Mark Hammer, Ottawa

Serving the country, not friends

Re:Canadian military officers gather Anger grows as you go aroundt, June 24, accused of sexual assault.

Allegations of sexual assault against the lieutenant general. Trevor Cadieu created a conundrum for his military friends and colleagues. Should they openly express their support for him, or should they do so only privately? In this situation, mature discretion should guide.

While defending him personally, military people need to acknowledge their primary obligations and loyalty, and ultimately Canada rather than individual members. You have to stay in the army. They could clearly personally harm the victims of published comments, and also directly adversely affect the morale, trust and perceived support of their peers, subordinates and victims. It is necessary to understand that it can adversely affect the overall effectiveness of our army.

Almonte, Almonte

What other jobs do these benefits have?

Re:Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod, June 24, taking "vacation" to improve health.

The newly re-elected MPP Lisa MacLeod "... is taking a break to improve my health." good. What other jobs can you apply for, be awarded that job, announce that you don't want to appear, and expect to continue working?

John Edmond, Ottawa

At least consistent, US

US Supreme Court ruling on abortion In response, Mike Pence and other American politicians say they will do anything to protect the "sanctity of life." What good news is that we can soon expect the United States to join the rest of the civilized world by banning the shameful use of the death penalty.

Carol Evoy, Ottawa

Let's protect the right to abortion here

The US Supreme Court to withdraw the right to abortion The decision is an unprecedented setback for women's rights and attacks on women's reproductive health. Outlawing abortion does not stop women from seeking abortion, but in fact it makes it more difficult and dangerous.

In Canada, the momentum of the U.S. anti-abortion movement needs to be vigilant and vigilant to protect women's choices so that they are not bold. ..

Dono Bandoro, Ottawa

The collapse of the American empire.

I'm tired of seeing what's happening since Donald Trump won the 2016 US presidential election. Have you witnessed the equivalent of the decline of the Roman Empire?

The January 6 Commission has unearthed incredible corruption that threatened the country's basic democratic institutions and the rule of law of the Trump White House. Banana Republic. And it is becoming increasingly clear that there is strong support for the dictatorship among millions of Trump supporters.

The "freest country in the world" is now severely hit by women's rights (especially), while gun enthusiasts have the right to have weapons (and shoot people). I am facing a situation where there is. It has been strengthened. And if you believe in Judge Clarence Thomas, there's a lot more to do.

Above all, there is a real risk that Trump will be elected president in 2024. Voting systems are being operated in many Republican jurisdictions, and Democratic senators take actions that could help President Joe Biden save the situation and prevent a devastating Republican resurrection in the House and Senate. Is hindering that.

All of this must have serious consequences for Canada and other countries. Fasten your seat belt.

Yvan Gaudette, Gatineau

Titans is a great pastime

I was surprised and disappointed that there was little coverage of the new baseball team, Ottawa. Titans. The Titans play in the independent Frontier League and the caliber of the ball is really great.

Ottawa had (and lost) several baseball franchises over the years due to lack of fan support and media coverage. This is a situation that citizens can deal with. Titans offers some great entertainment at a reasonable price.

Richard Fischer, Osgood Village

Passport Office Hero

I don't use social media, so 1 million people Not a follower tells me, but I had to tell someone about my passport renewal experience.

After running out of all the options to get the latest information on the status of updates, I have to wait in line at the passport office all day, like a stressed traveler. I resigned. Her husband woke up at 2am and insisted on lining up for me. He was 50 at 3 am. I got the kids up early at 5:30 am and went out to take over at 7 am. Meanwhile, her husband took her children home. The staff at the passport office was efficient and promised to receive the passport around 9am. However, the man, who married 13 years ago and lived with him for over 20 years, still fell in love with him today. Mercy, Super Ben. I know I'm lucky.

Françoise L'Abbé, Kinburn

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