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Today's letter: Ottawa needs to provide more answers about the use of "Freedom Convoy" tow trucks

Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly waits to appear as a witness at a recent House of Commons Procedures and House Affairs committee.
Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Throry is waiting to appear as a witness to the recent House of Commons Procedures and House Affairs Committee.Photo courtesy of Adrian Wyld/Canadian news agency

A valuable convoy in the city There is information on

The debate over the imposition of emergency law has high or low future standards for suspending the rights of all Canadians. , Or is very important to determine if it is almost correct. It is an important measure of our democracy. If the law is imposed in February for inadequate reasons and is tolerated, Canada will face low standards for future government infringement and further deterioration of our reputation as the rule of law. ..

So far, the federal minister has misunderstood Congress, has not given enough answers to questions, and refused to say whether to submit all evidence, so Congress's I was not relieved about the investigation work. Reports based on partial evidence are unreliable.

But when asked if the city of Ottawa needs an emergency law: when and how to remove a truck from downtown using its own OC Transpo tow truck. There is essential information. Many trucks have been removed. The tow trucks in the city were fully used throughout the three weeks. Use sparingly. Used only last week.

This non-confidential information is available or will be included in the report the city is preparing for the blockade, but for some reason will not be published until the entire report is complete. .. Thus, the city has ensured transparency about the hostages of this important issue and has completed investigations and reports on many other issues. It is a decision made by our officials and therefore could possibly be canceled by our officials. That is, if you want to see transparency, regain trust, and immediate disclosure of relevant information, and take a different approach than the non-cooperative approach that the federal government consistently pursues.

Ottawan has little impact on the federal government, but the city council is ours, and when the city council was seeking help from a private towing company, it was in-house. It will tell you how much you have used your tow truck. That way, we all have a better understanding of the turmoil that queries are adding to the turmoil caused by the blockade of trackers.

Ed Whitcomb, Ottawa

Regain pride at the airport 

The May storm is exactly what NCC and Ottawa are at the airport We need to wake up from the failure of the "Nature Restoration" project 30 years ago at Parkway.

The decision to allow all seeds to grow as much as possible in what used to be a beautifully groomed entrance to the lawn without mowing has turned into a grassy, ​​pristine landscape. It was embarrassing for everyone who wanted to be a visitor and left a good impression on our capital, from the airport to downtown.

Now there are still broken sloping tree graveyards and brush cuts of stumps and branches that cannot be penetrated.

Maybe now, the power to put each side back 50 yards and replant some legacy hardwoods can once again welcome visitors with respect and pride.

Brian Vachon, Greeley

Why is the Pink Lake road closed by car?

I live in Gatineau Park, 15 kilometers from NCC-managed Pink Lake. Every time I drive there to walk around the lake, the road is closed by car. I drove to the visitor center and asked why the road was closed by bicycle instead of car. Cars are allowed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays after noon, but motorbikes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I am a taxpayer in Quebec. I am 80 years old I like walking. The lake has the most developed, safest and most beautiful walking paths in Gatineau Park, and non-biking citizens and visitors are always off limits except as noted.

There is a road. Why are bicycles allowed but cars not allowed?

This is an exorbitant detriment to a car or the elderly who cannot or cannot use a bicycle. The NCC must not be allowed to treat the bike rider differently than other users who want access to the road to Pink Lake.

Ron Könberg, Chelsea, Que.

It makes sense to modernize NORAD

Re: "It could cost $ 40 billion to modernize the rise in NORAD. June 21

Given the current state of the world, Canada's contribution to the modernization of NORAD makes sense. The world is changing and those who are content with glory or who choose to snooze will probably lose. Advances in military technology and the modern militarization of Russia, China and North Korea are all important awakening calls.

Currently, the biggest threat to Canada is, of course, Russia, mainly because of the political and economic ideology opposite its location. In a perfect world, this isn't necessary, but in any country you can choose between your army or someone else's army. Military spending is high, but the cost of not doing so is much higher in so many different ways, from democratic freedom to living standards.

Ottawa, Douglas Cornish

Competition cuts costs

Ottawa taxpayers add another 150 million to pay construction costs You don't have to collect dollar taxes. Of the new civic campus of Ottawa Hospital. In fact, if a hospital project were subject to a competitive bidding process, it could have significantly reduced construction costs and even eliminated taxes.

It is well-founded that the cost will be reduced by as much as 30% if more bids are encouraged in the construction project. Competition ensures that such taxpayer-funded projects provide excellent public value.

That's why, before the competitive bidding process took place, Ottawa Hospital signed an exclusive arrangement allowing only the Unified Building Construction Trade Council and its affiliates to build civilian campuses. Is strange. Not only does this arrangement push up construction costs, it is also unfair to local construction workers and contractors who are locked out of the project.

Hospital decision makers change course and local taxpayers behave correctly by challenging all qualified workers and contractors to build this important project. It's never too late.

Karen Renkema, VP Ontario, Progressive Contractors Association of Canada

Fitness as a Political Priority

OMA "Ontario's prescription" I was very disappointed, but not surprised. As a result, health was completely ignored again. No references were found for activity, fitness, nutrition, health / wellness / nutrition literacy. Nor was there any mention of exercise, despite the fact that the mental and physical health debates of all populations need to include these areas as a basis. Better health care.

When, with politicians, the medical community will work with politicians to find ways to make Canadians healthier, more active, healthier, and better prepared to fight future pandemics and viruses. Legislate and legislate. The crisis in our healthcare system is guaranteed to fail if we do not address the cause of the problem ... a population that is unhealthy, inactive and rapidly obese at a young age.

It's not about training the next Olympic marathon champion, but a healthy and active country that doesn't spend time in emergencies or clinics for preventable illnesses. It is to nurture. Just as we have legislated seat belts and helmets, it may be time to legislate health and wellness to save lives and ensure a sustainable health system.

Ottawa, Philip Marsh

Why are there no dangerous dogs?

What kind of madness is this? The dog that chewed Bruce Maconville also chewed others. Why was this dog owner not ordered to euthanize the animal? Do I have to wait until a small child is beaten or killed by such a dangerous animal? Owners should at least be asked to provide veterinary records for properly vaccinated dogs.

Ottawa, Joy Baxter

I went to the dog

Like Bruce Maconville, there There is no way to test a dog that bit him because of rabies that was shocked by. Many years ago, I was bitten by a dog during my morning walk. I called the city, took the dog away from its owner and quarantined it for three weeks. I realized that the dog was inspected in the meantime.

How unfair it would be for Maconville to spend hours on a series of rabies vaccinations while the irresponsible owner was not vaccinated against rabies. And it seems that no actual action has been taken to prevent this dog from biting again.

There is clearly a need for a law requiring dogs to be inspected and then dropped. The city where he went (or went) to the dog.

Elizabeth Grace, Ottawa

What a mess

This letter is a rant about the horrific situation at Pearson International Airport. The airport that started. Then it turned into a fuss about Air Canada, a rude delay we personally experienced and saw on arrival / departure boards at home and abroad. Then, those trying to get a passport realized that they were completely exposed to unreasonable delays due to the lack of office staff.

Then I started thinking about the shortage of rental properties with people who couldn't afford a house. Then I realized that Ottawa's long-awaited bold LRT system was failing in every conceivable way.

Finally, we are afraid that our healthcare system is on the verge of collapse. Proper and timely treatment seems completely out of reach for many and has a terrible negative impact on results and even life expectancy. People wait for years with their doctor (or). Referrals to specialists will wait for years, not to mention MRI and other diagnoses. Children's health care is even worse, with Ottawa leading the "loser committee" with the longest waiting times for anything of any age.

Canadians are of much better value. Federal, state, and local governments need to sort out this turmoil with many of the basics that citizens need to live. We are probably a developed country, but for now, access and delivery of services seems to be comparable to third world countries.

It's time for accountability.

Sharon Moren, Kanata

Passport Solution

All Canadian passports need to be extended electronically for 5 years. Passport systems in most countries are linked for verification when scanning passports, which alleviates the passport problems you are facing at home.

Ottawa, Herschel Sachs

Convoy tile protests are not the answer

Congressional hearings on the January 6 riots in the United States Has strengthened how well done Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and the rest of the villain's gallery are completely morally bankrupt. The hearing also strengthened the nature of Trump's hardcore foundation. An ignorant thug who seeks to achieve his political goals through bullying, intimidation, violence and lies. If the US Department of Justice does not prosecute Trump and others, it will be a sad day for democracy.

But madness doesn't stop at the Canadian border. The stupid thugs and their supporters of the truck convoy that invaded the Canadian version of Trump's base, Ottawa and other areas, certainly made them feel their presence with bullying, intimidation, violence and lies. They professed to be God-fearing patriots while acting in the most non-Christian and anti-democratic way they could imagine. And now they are threatening further turmoil this summer. Shame them if they carry out their threat. Shame the authorities if they let them stop it.

In a sense, the government has achieved this. For the past 40 years or so, they have succumbed to the orders of domestic and multinational corporations at the expense of regular workers. But the solution is not prone to fascists in Trump, his base, and truck convoys. Their approach only leads to greater disasters.

Otawa, Duncan Roberts

New cancer treatments bring hope

Re: "Cancer is terrible, but So is the Canadian reaction June 20

I am a member of a very small world group of different types of sarcoma survivors and I am currently in remission, so I am behind Dr. David Stewart's government. We found insights into this in a very timely manner.

Some survivors in contact from around the world have the last hope of living longer as the latest trials of sarcoma are available. For some, the latest investigational drug is promising, slowing its spread and giving more time.

Stewart's article on Canadian tax payments Not only is the "hope" for a person to receive our country's latest trail delayed for a very long time, but equally importantly, the failure of our medical system allows patients to start their current treatment immediately. In addition, it speeds up the proper and timely access needed for critical scanners.

Let's hope that there will be a change in the bureaucratic bureaucratic formalism needed to bring the investigational drug into our country soon. For some, only hope remains.

Ottawa, Albert Pisani

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