Today's letters: Ottawa, stop stealing outdoor dog bowls

Monday, June 14: Dogs get thirsty too; and what to do about those charities that send free gifts. You can write to us at

Help you dog stay hydrated this summer.

Why steal from thirsty dogs?

It’s only the beginning of June, and I have had three dog bowls stolen since May. Every day, I place a bowl of water on my lawn for any dogs walking by. Why steal from thirsty dogs? I’m disappointed, to say the least.

But I also see this as an opportunity. I’m challenging you to carry a water bottle for your pooch when walking. There are light-weight options available locally.

The Ottawa Humane Society advises that when walking your dog, you bring a portable water container for yourself and them, and encourages you to exercise your pets in the early morning and/or late evening to avoid the midday heat.  Pets can suffer from heat stroke, which can lead to death. Help ensure their safety.

I will now go back to the store to purchase another dog bowl, and this time, a lock and chain.

Keely Gregory, Ottawa

Who’s making money when charities send you free stuff?

Re: Charities mail you free stuff, even cash — then beg for help?June 10.

Thank you to Kelly Egan for his column about charities sending free stuff with their donation mailing requests. How can these charities spend money on this junk and expect us to support them? Aren’t our donations then just funding more mailings of new free stuff?  It would appear that the only ones making money here are the companies that produce the stuff and sell it to the charities.

Linda Walker, Ottawa

We don’t need ‘free’ gifts from charities

I support Murray Kronick, who wants charities to “stop this madness” of sending us unsolicited, unwanted items.

Who needs this stuff? More to put in recycling box. They use a part of our donated funds to pay for these unwanted stuff but should use it all for the actual charity work. Who needs greeting cards, nickels or free bags?

It is a definitely a disincentive for me to keep supporting agencies who perpetuate this outdated practice.

Marianne Wightman, Manotick

Send those ‘free’ gifts back

More than a decade ago, the Citizen published my solution to receiving unwanted gifts from charities. My advice holds true today, as I have not received solicitations for many years.

Using the return envelope, send back all the materials, including the letter, the return form, the original envelope, and the free gift. Include a note requesting that your name be removed from the mailing list and ask that the charity to refrain from sending you unsolicited mail. It worked for me.

Susan Buller, Ottawa

Politicians, stop shifting the blame

Man this is frustrating. Doug Ford repeatedly says that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are to blame for COVID-19 outbreaks in Ontario. Trudeau blames the Ontario Conservative government for bungling the vaccine rollout. Our mayor blames the Ontario government for not getting enough vaccines.

Grow up — all of you! Pandemics aren’t politics. Talk amongst yourselves, sure, but it’s time to show a united front.

D.J. Phillips, Gloucester

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