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The turtle and its egg found in the latest Pompei discovery

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Rome — The remains of a turtle and its eggs were excavated in 79 AD by archaeologists in the Roman city of Pompeii, buried in a volcanic eruption.

The animal was found hidden under a clay floor in a warehouse and probably died before the eruption of Vesuvius volcano.

"We dug a burrow where we could lay eggs, but we could have died because we couldn't," said Valeria Amoretti, an anthropologist working in the field. rice field.

This unusual discovery came to light during the excavation of an area that was devastated by a severe earthquake in 62 AD and subsequently absorbed by a public bath.

This place was originally a luxurious house with sophisticated mosaics and murals dating back to the 1st century BC. Archaeologists did not know why the building was not restored, but rather took over. At the Stabian baths.

"Both the presence of turtles in the city and the abandonment of the gorgeous Domus show the extent of the post-earthquake change in 62 AD," said Pompeii Secretary Gabriel Zuktrigel. Says.

"Obviously not all homes were rebuilt, and even in the center of the city, they rarely visited as often as wildlife habitats."

"At the same time, the expansion of the bath was crushed in one day in 79 AD, a sign of great confidence that Pompeii resumed after the earthquake." (Report by Gareth Jones, edited by Crispian Balmer)