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Trudeau states that there is no political interference with the Nova Scotia shooting investigation. "Absolutely not"

Prime MinisterJustin Trudeaustates that his office did not interfere with the investigation into the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shootings.

Earlier this week, RCMP CommissionerBrenda Luckiand former Minister of Public Security pushed back proposals that interfered with the investigation of Canada's worst shootings . rice field. Gun control To push measures.

"Never. No undue influence or pressure. Trudeau told reporters in Rwanda on Thursday. He is attending a federal summit. Meeting.

"The Commissioner's statement, the Minister's statement was very clear about it, and yes, I'm still very confident in the Commissioner's Lucki."

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A report released on Tuesday by a genocide investigation reveals a note from a meeting between senior RCMP leaders 10 days after the shooting. Lucky said she promised at that time-Public Security Minister Justin Trudeau and the Prime Minister's residence where police would release information about the firearms used by the shooters.

According to the memo taken by RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell, Lucky, said she felt "disobedience" when these details weren't shared, and the information was "tied to a pending gun control law that makes officers and the public safer." I added.

Lucky later denied that she had interfered with the investigation and defended her discussion with Blair at the time.

"As a police officer and as an RCMP commissioner, I will never take any action or decision that could jeopardize the investigation," she said in her statement.

"It is important to note that information sharing and briefings with the Minister of Public Security are required, especially in mass shootings on Canadian soil. This is a standard procedure and is underway. It does not affect the completeness of the investigation or interfere with the independence of RCMP. "

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Conservatives are RCMP, liberals are to promote N.S. gun control Shooting probe

Lucky did not address certain claims that he promised to disclose certain information to Blair and the PMO, or that it was tied to government policy. ..

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Thursday, Trudeau at the time Everyone in Canada asked many questions about what happened in Nova Scotia.

"I regularly explained what we knew and didn't know. A hearing so that the family could know what really happened. Even if is in progress, those answers will continue to be issued. We will continue to be responsible. Action, "he said.

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The issue accused the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of the Conservative Party's intervention in an aggressive police investigation at the House of Commons on Tuesday. Blair, now the Minister of Emergency Preparation, claimed that no one in the government would be lucky to give instructions.

"It's clear that the opposition is more interested in drama than the truth," he said.

"The Commissioner has confirmed that I or a member of this government has not given any instructions or pressure to instruct her in any way."

Conservative Party Rep. John Brassard argued that raising the issue was not based on creating a "drama," but on the basis of the investigation report itself.

Blair states that his office did not direct the RCMP Commissioner during the Nova Scotia mass shooting

The report also included comments from the RCMP's Director of Strategy, a Halifax communication, Leah Scanlan, said during a media briefing by government officials, including Blair and Tordo, "what we can say. I'm considering what I can't do. " She didn't elaborate further.

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Less than two weeks after the shooting in 2020, Trudeau has 1,500 manufacturers and models of " Assault-Style Firearms, some of which were used by Nova Scotia shooters.

A report released last month was found in a stolen vehicle refueled by a gunner when multiple weapons, including two semi-automatic rifles, were shot and killed by the RCMP. It shows that. More firearms were found in the shooter's house.

All weapons are illegally owned and many were purchased in the United States, the report said. Investigations have shown that the shooter did not have a firearm license.

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Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the proposed NDP, which the government has instructed Lucky, said in a statement Tuesday that he was "extremely anxious" about interfering with the mass shooting investigation.

The Free Government recently announced an improved bill C-21. This includes a national "freeze" of pistols and other gun control measures after a series of mass shootings in the United States. 19 children and 2 teachers died at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Trudeau quoted violence in the United States in his announcement, but the government said the bill was intended to tackle increasing gun crime in Canada.

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Shin said in a statement on Tuesday from a survey to "earn political points" against bill C-21. Warned conservatives using exposure. General firearm restrictions.

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