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Trump allies sought amnesty after supporting his attempt to overturn the election

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Richard Cowan and Moira Warburton Sarah N. Lynch

Washington — At least five Republicans of Donald Trump after supporting an attempt to overturn the 2020 elections Witnesses said they had investigated the US House of Representatives' attack on the House of Parliament on January 6, 2021, after the defeat for the White House's forgiveness.

Their name is a hearing focused on how the then president pressured the top executives of the Justice Department to take power illegally in his last few weeks. Appeared at the end of the 5th day of the meeting.

Trump is an environmental lawyer for the Department of Justice, acting Jeffrey Rosen on behalf of Jeffrey Clark, who upholds Trump's false allegations that his defeat is the result of widespread fraud. I tried to serve.

The move was postponed only when Trump threatened to resign all at once, if Trump did it.

"The president didn't mind actually investigating the facts. Republican member Adam Kinzinger said at a hearing Thursday that the Justice Department lied to approve. I was hoping to attach it. "

The Commission testified directly from Rosen, then Deputy Prosecutor Richard Donohue, and former Assistant Attorney Steven Engel, with video testimony from other Trump White House aides. It was screened. ..

The testimony in the video showed that Republican representatives Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Louis Gomart, and Scott Perry asked Trump for forgiveness. Riot at Parliament on January 6th.

Trump's outspoken defender Jim Jordan asked about the amnesty at the White House, but said he had never asked for an amnesty for himself. Cassidy Hutchinson, then White House Chief of Staff, said of Staff Mark Meadows.

Perry previously denied seeking amnesty, but the other five representatives did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Trump did not respond to these amnesty requests.

Pressure Campaign

Rosen met Trump for several days until January 6, 2021 when Congress officially recognized Joe Biden as the next president. Repeatedly stated that he "insisted on the Ministry of Justice." He did not do enough to investigate the false allegations that the elections were "stolen" by fraudulent elections. "

"From December 23rd to January 3rd, the President called or met me almost every day, with one or two exceptions such as Christmas Day." Rosen testified.

Donald testified that Trump had told Judiciary officials.

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder, who served under Barack Obama, Trump's Democratic predecessor, tweeted: Coupled with other testimonies, it shows both Trump's substantive involvement and his corrupt intentions, the necessary state of mind.

Former Justice Department officials cast Clark incompetent and unqualified to lead the Justice Department because he pushed forward with a recommendation stating that Clark was miserable.

Clark also pressured Donohue and Rosen to send a letter to Georgia lawmakers, and the Justice Department was "significant" about the legitimacy of Biden's victory in the state. Allegations of fraudulent voting, which falsely claimed to have "concerns" and repeated Trump's false counterarguments. They both refused.

Biden won significantly in both popularity and electoral college votes.

Donohue said at a meeting in early January that Trump was warned of "hundreds, hundreds of resignations" when Clark became head of the agency. "Leadership will be lost. Jeff Clark will lead the graveyard."

The hearing began shortly after it was revealed that federal law enforcement agencies had attacked Clark's house. rice field.


A former director of the US Office of Management and Budget and recently hired Clark to work at the Legal Advocacy Center For Renewing America, Las Vort attacks Clark's house. Confirmed on Twitter.

He said more than 12 federal law enforcement officials searched Clark's house in a pre-dawn raid and said, "Put him on the streets in his pajamas and put his electronics on. I took it with me. "

A US law firm confirmed on Wednesday that there was law enforcement activity in Lorton, Virginia, a suburb of Washington near where Clark lives, but refused to elaborate.

Clark submitted a record of testimony to the Special Committee, which provided excerpts and repeatedly exercised its legal right not to answer questions. On Twitter earlier this year, Clark called himself "one of the top targets of the politically motivated J6 Commission."

The Justice Department is investigating whether there were plans to promote alternative slate for fake voters in fierce battle states with the aim of overturning election results.

According to a Reuters summons focusing on fake slate of voters in Georgia, investigators have been "Donald J. Trump and /" since October 2020. Or (Vice President) act as an electorate in favor of Mike R. Pence. "

They also copy the communication between the electorate candidate and federal officials, and lawyer Juliani. And seeking a copy of communications involving Trump allies, including John Eastman.

In a fierce speech outside the White House on January 6, Trump repeated false allegations of fraudulent elections. His supporters raided the Capitol and fled lawmakers and Pence for their lives.

On January 6, four people died, one died of police and the other died of natural causes. About 140 police officers were injured and one who fought the riot died the next day. After that, four officers committed suicide.

(Report by Richard Cowan, Sarah N. Lynch, Moira Warburton, Additional Report by Doina Chiacu and Rose Horowitch, Edited by Scott Malone, Rosalba O'Brien, Howard Goller)