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Critics of President Tunisia attack his constitutional plan

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Tunisia — President Kais Critics warned on Friday that Saied had announced Tunisia's democracy overnight and was destroying it in a draft constitution for a referendum next month, accusing him of taking on the "royal power."

Saeed rebuilt the political system after taking control of almost full executive branch last summer, dismissing parliament, and reigning by decree in what his critics call a coup. ..

He states that changes are needed to save Tunisia from the protracted political and economic crisis, and that the new constitution will respect individual freedom and mark the new Republic of Tunisia.

Avid Tin, the leader of a small party in support of Sayed, says his draft constitution will allow people to "breath and establish a new Tunisia." I said I would.

But it gives the president almost absolute power, removes almost all the checks in his rules, and accuses the Tunisians of revoking the democratic interests they earned in the 2011 revolution. Dilute the role of parliament and the judiciary to encourage.

The July 25 referendum does not set a minimum participation level, allowing voters to decide on a system to manage their lives within four weeks.

"The president has given himself kingship ... the kingship's power," said Mohab Karoui, director of iWatch, a prominent Tunisian civil society organization that monitors corruption and government abuse.

Imed Chemiri, a high-ranking Islamic Ennahda party official who is the largest in parliament and the most vocal in opposition to the movement of Sayed, drafts a constitution. Expressed as "Chaban drama".

"It's another hard blow to the path of the revolution, a return to what it was before 2011," he said.

Most major Tunisian parties, including Enafuda, have already rejected Saeed's plan to hold a referendum on the new constitution and urged a boycott, but no official response to the draft has yet been given. not.

Sami Tali, a spokesman for Tunisian's strong UGTT trade union, said its executives will meet with constitutional experts, lawyers and formal judges on Saturday to consider how to respond. rice field. Prior to

, he had shown that he was opposed to Saeed's decision to reshape the political system alone and put it in a referendum.


In Tunis' Ibn Khaldun district, more people were more concerned about the economic crisis that could ruin the state than the Constitution of Sayed.

When he suddenly seized power last year, the move was very popular among Tunisians who were fed up with endless political struggles while the economy was stagnant. It looked like.

"Yes, Tunisians want a presidential system ... but first we want to improve the economic situation," said Salma Awini, who was shopping in the second-hand clothing market. Told. "I'm afraid the Constitution will do nothing for us."

Faiz, a vegetable seller who asked not to reveal the name of the family, Saeed used democracy. He said he became a dictator. "It's natural for him to squeeze all his strength," he said.

Even the draft originally presented to Saeed by a lawyer who specified to rewrite the Constitution was significantly rewritten before last night's publication, said one of them, Ibrahim Budabara.

"This is not the constitution we submitted to the president ... the preamble focused on economic and political issues," he said, but added that the other sections remained the same. rice field.

(Report by Tarek Amara, Written by Angus McDowall, Edited by Alison Williams)