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US flight attendant breaks back after plane lands hard

Southwest Airlinesflight attendants confirmed that they broke after a particularly hard landing on the California runway last month.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) did not injure the other 141 passengers after landing at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana on July 1, but flight attendants

8} suffered a compression fracturein the upper back vertebra during touchdown.

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The NTSB also said the plane was very difficult to land and employees thought theplane had crashed.

The board said that landing investigations culminated last Friday and pilots (55-year-old captain and 49-year-old co-pilot) were aiming for a normal landing zone on a relatively short runway. Reported. ..

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I don't say what caused such a hard landing, but the attendant told Boeing, 18 years old. I confirmed that I was sitting. Immediately after the accident, the 737-700 auxiliary seat at the rear of the aircraft felt pain in my back and neck and was stuck.

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The runway where the plane landed is only 1,700 meters. (By comparison, the runway at nearby Los Angeles International Airport ranges from 2,700 meters to about 3,900 meters.)

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According to the Dallas Morning Star, it was arare injuryon a commercial aircraft. .. Outlets reportedserious injuries only twicein the United States in 2020, with most in-flight injuries occurring while staff and passengers roaming the plane, often expected It reports that no turbulence has occurred.

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Dallas-based Southwest Airlines said in a statement on Monday: of the event.

Morning Star also reports that planes flying from John Wayne Airport need to soarafter takeoff to comply with noise regulations, but there are no landing rules. ..

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