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British conservatives are calling for an immediate replacement of the "toxic" Prime Minister Johnson

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London — Boris, England -Prime Minister Johnson should be replaced immediately rather than being allowed to remain a caretaker leader until a successor is found, some conservative MPs said Thursday.

Mr Johnson will announce his resignation on Thursday after being abandoned by the Prime Minister and Conservative lawmakers, government sources said.

Five Conservative lawmakers demanded resignation on Thursday and lost authority after more than 50 resigned from government, taking over during a process that could take weeks Said it should be.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab will be a suitable replacement, two senior Conservative lawmakers said.

"We need to get rid of Boris as soon as possible. He's too toxic. Raab as interim prime minister will be accepted," said a conservative lawmaker.

Johnson's resignation decision marks the end of his political career, which led Britain to leave the European Union and the Conservative Party to the biggest election victory in 30 years.

While Johnson was elected his successor, it was not clear whether he would continue to play the role of caretaker.

Commerce Minister Kwasi Kwaten said the Conservatives needed new leaders as soon as possible, arguing that the government had to continue its activities.

"We now need new leaders as soon as possible. New, wise and wise to rebuild trust, heal the country and help families. A person who can come up with a consistent economic approach, "he said on Twitter.

"Government wheels must continue in the meantime."

George Freeman, who resigned as Minister of Science on Thursday, was more straightforward.

"Boris Johnson submits the Minister's seal, apologizes to His Majesty, and takes over today so that the Minister can return to work and we can choose new ones. She needs to be advised to call her prime minister, a conservative leader in repairing damage and rebuilding trust. " (Report by Andrew MacAskill, additional report by Elizabeth Piper and William James, edited by Mark Heinrich)