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US officials warn of increased arms smuggling into Haiti

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

MIAMI (AP) — US investigators say they have noticed an increase in the volume and caliber of weapons being smuggled into Haiti from Florida in recent months.

Anthony Salisbury, director of the Miami Homeland Security Investigation Agency, noted an increase in gang violence around the Haitian capital, prompting agents to step up efforts to stop human trafficking. said to be strengthened.

Salisbury said the seized guns included a .50-caliber sniper rifle used by military snipers, as well as other machine guns not normally seen. . Agents noticed an increase in caliber and volume.

"It's incredibly disturbing," Salisbury told his Associated Press. "If misused, these weapons can cause enormous amounts of destruction.

In July, the UN Security Council unanimously renewed the mandate of the UN office in Haiti. and approved a resolution calling on all nations to stop the transfer of small arms, light weapons and ammunition that could facilitate gang violence.

It said it was continuing to investigate.The surge in violence will come as gangs come to power following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July 2021.

It has intensified over the past week, with gangs taking steps such as setting churches and courts on fire.