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00:00 Manitoba RCMP respond after student posts photo with a firearm 
00:00 A sleep divorce could save your marriage
00:00 While you were sleeping: Canada is feeling sad after gold-medal loss
00:00 MUHC symposium celebrates 70th anniversary of first artificial kidney in Montreal, at the Royal Victoria Hospital
00:00 Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal evoke the spirit of Leonard Cohen in Dance Me
00:00 ‘It’s a tough pill to swallow’: Canada living in world of ‘what ifs’ after gold-medal loss
00:00 Présence d’arachides: des biscuits rappelés
00:00 B.C. company selling bottled ocean water from right out of the Salish Sea
00:00 Les sondages commencent, «il faut hausser le niveau de jeu»
00:00 Bob Layton Editorial: Edmonton police set to reveal a new Air 1
00:00 Canadian snowboarders out of medals but proud to be part of first big air event
00:00 Taxes scolaires: les électeurs du comté de Couillard préfèrent la position de la CAQ
00:00 EU, Africa leaders drum up support for impoverished Sahel
00:00 Syrie: 13 morts dans de nouveaux bombardements sur la Ghouta orientale
00:00 'I've never seen anything quite like this': Canadian designers basking in Meghan Markle effect
00:00 Karina Gould wants to save democracy from fake news. How?
00:00 'The system is full of holes': Experts say young foreign students left vulnerable by unregulated industry
00:00 Why politics is driving a new wave of protectionism: Don Pittis
00:00 Oxfam shelved #IBelieveHer campaign after assault allegations surfaced
00:00 Amnesty s'en prend à Trump et à l'UE dans son rapport annuel
00:00 Deux voitures incendiées dans Saint-Laurent
00:00 Vancouver City Council passes motion calling for real estate ‘flipping tax’
00:00 Marco Rubio on defensive over gun control at town hall
00:00 Canadians split 50-50 on B.C.-Alberta pipeline spat, but more say project delays are wrong: poll
00:00 Canada loses in shootout with U.S. in gold-medal women’s hockey game
00:00 Senate to weigh punishment for member accused of misconduct
00:00 Canada Loses Gold Medal Game 3-2 In A Shootout At The PyeongChang Olympics
00:00 U.S. edges Canada to win gold medal in women's hockey
00:00 U.S. beats Canada in shootout to win women’s hockey gold at 2018 Winter Olympics
00:00 Bruce Arthur: U.S. beats Canada in shootout for women’s hockey gold. And they deserved it
00:00 CBC Radio personality Arthur Black dead at age 74
00:00 Scott Moir Is The Canadian Women's Hockey Team's Biggest Fan
00:00 Des aînés privés de repas et de bains dans un CHSLD de Laval
00:00 Un couple heureux d’avoir dénoncé un agresseur allégué
00:00 Montréal: un jeune homme blessé à l'arme blanche lutte pour sa vie
00:00 Rio Theatre to host 'An Evening with Kevin Smith,' as filmmaker keeps his promise
00:00 Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22
00:00 Mental health missing from B.C. budget, say advocates
00:00 Goalies fight after Manitoba Moose victory
00:00 Encore plus de bulletins modifiés
00:00 Canada’s Chris Del Bosco broke 4 ribs, pelvis and suffered bruised lung in horrific ski cross crash at 2018 Winter Olympics
00:00 1984 story on sex-change 'debate' shows its dramatic shift
00:00 Man, 18, stabbed in St-Léonard
00:00 Officers on snowmobiles hand out tickets on popular off-island trails
00:00 Opinion: Governments must act now to protect migratory birds
00:00 Eviction order stands for vulnerable Pointe-Saint-Charles residents
00:00 Taxpayer-funded "party" flight raises questions for Gen. Vance and rest of the military leadership
00:00 Man struck and killed by transport truck in central Scarborough
00:00 Man struck and killed by truck in central Scarborough
00:00 B.C. woman weaves old plastic bags into insulating mats for the homeless
00:00 Vancouver council votes to explore Granville strip improvements after emotional plea from slain victim's family
00:00 Jaspal Atwal, Sikh Extremist Convicted In Assassination Attempt, Invited To Justin Trudeau's Events: Reports
00:00 Express continue to have London Lightning number
00:00 ANALYSIS: Like many before, the BC NDP are building big things where their voters are
00:00 SIU asks for help after man taken to hospital with serious injuries following arrest
00:00 SIU launches investigation, asks for help after man suffers serious injury in arrest
00:00 Vaughn Palmer: So far, so good on debt with Carole James at the helm
00:00 Laurie Blouin chute et termine 12e au «Big Air»
00:00 Inmate beaten and burned in Gatineau jailhouse attack, police say
00:00 Ontario: feu vert à Patrick Brown pour la course à la direction du PC
00:00 Obituary: Dan Stinson, dean of Vancouver soccer writers
00:00 B.C. government says goal of budget taxes is a housing price drop
00:00 Andrew Coyne: I, Patrick Brown, intend to run as — what else — the unity candidate
00:00 Government says goal of budget taxes is a housing price drop
00:00 Beyond ‘Obamacare’: New liberal plan on health care overhaul
00:00 Kingston’s 3rd crossing still has plenty of work ahead
00:00 Ryan Shtuka missing: RCMP say 19-year-old could have entered garage, shed or vehicle
00:00 Vancouver Weather: As snow falls, evening commuters urged to be cautious
00:00 Foes blast Trump on offshore drilling; industry pushes back
00:00 South Carolina rains 3s in 66-57 win over Georgia
00:00 Fatal fire in Vancouver probed by investigators
00:00 Kelowna city council approves $200 million, 33 story hotel in downtown core
00:00 UBCO’s students’ union looking at prescription cannabis
00:00 Dismembered leg, foot found in B.C. waters belonged to missing Washington state man: coroner
00:00 The Happenings: Three things to do in Vancouver on Thursday, Feb. 22
00:00 Billy Graham gave more than prayer to presidents
00:00 Large amount of mysterious white powder found in IKEA dumpster in Brossard
00:00 B.C. Budget 2018: Farmland threatened in absence of foreign buyers tax, say ALR advocates
00:00 Former wrestling champ Hitman Hart now fighting on the side of stroke recovery after his own devastating experience
00:00 Halifax human rights advocates send message of support for Abdoul Abdi
00:00 B.C. Budget 2018: Business community outraged over payroll health tax
00:00 ‘So much for transparency’: Four things to know about the TPP deal, now it is — mostly — public
00:00 The Latest: Graham to lie in repose 2 days; private funeral
00:00 Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir to pay tribute to Gord Downie, will skate to Hip’s ‘Long Time Running’
00:00 Voyage en Inde: le charme de Trudeau mis à rude épreuve
00:00 Kim Zippel to run in Otonabee Ward, as candidates prepare for new election rules
00:00 Kent Hehr vows to continue as Calgary Centre MP
00:00 AGAR: Strange tales from Patrick Brown
00:00 Ian Mulgrew: Legal aid boost in eye of beholder
00:00 FLOOD: Boy, 3, swept away by raging Grand River

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00:00 Tak Lakukan Publikasi Internasional, Tunjangan Profesor Terancam Dihentikan
00:00 Полша е нарушила европейските стандарти за качеството на въздуха, реши Съдът на ЕС
00:00 First footwear industrial expo kicks off in Kathmandu
00:00 Глобальный сбой Facebook и Instagram
00:00 20 tonnes of salt from Salina last year
00:00 Laurent Wauquiez: "il faut arrêter d’en faire des tonnes", s'agace Lydia Guirous
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00:00 Глава Генштаба ВСУ объявил о завершении АТО в Донбассе
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00:00 Jak na chřipku a nachlazení podle osvědčených rad našich babiček
00:00 آزمایشگاه غذا، دارو و استاندارد در کیش افتتاح شد
00:00 Власти Архангельска согласовали митинг памяти Немцова
00:00 Father commits suicide after attempt to kill two children
00:00 Jaksa Tolak Eksepsi Fredrich Yunadi
00:00 Явлинский собирается в Прикамье и зовет пермяков в отель
00:00 সিন্দাবাদে পাবেন অফিসের নিত্যপ্রয়োজনীয় পণ্য
00:00 Toğrul Nərimanbəyovun qızı atası ilə bağlı İNANILMAZ FAKTLAR AÇIQLADI: Onun məzarının... - FOTOLAR
00:00 Укрзализныця вышла на книжный рынок
00:00 Graabak rykket rett før mål: Sikret sølvet
00:00 التضامن.. حجز 545 قرصا مخدرا
00:00 Bengtsson och Kramer till inne-VM
00:00 Spartipps für die Buchung - Sonntags sind Flugtickets am günstigsten
00:00 Ηγουμενίτσα: Ισόβια Και φυλάκιση 12 ετών στον Πυροσβέστη που σκότωσε 48χρονο
00:00 Istri Fachri Albar Jadi Jaminan, Polisi Belum Putuskan Rehabilitasi
00:00 ESC-Hoffnung Natia - »Ich hatte noch nie einen Freund
00:00 *** BILDplus Inhalt *** ESC-Hoffnung Natia - »Ich hatte noch nie einen Freund
00:00 Las notas de amor escritas por Brad Pitt que Justin Theroux encontró entre las cosas de Jennifer Aniston
00:00 BNPB Tetapkan Pencarian Korban Longsor Brebes Selama 7 Hari
00:00 Дар гузориши фасоди молӣ Тоҷикистон 10 зина поин рафт
00:00 Upravni sud odbacio ћalbe pokreta "Dosta je bilo"
00:00 Скандалище в сборной Украины! Биатлон на Олимпиаде 2018: онлайн-трансляция женской эстафеты
00:00 Obaseki’s Wife Alarm Over Violence Against Children, Launch Action Plans
00:00 Ifo-Index: Geschäftsklima erhält deutlichen Dämpfer
00:00 اروپا در دو راهی ایران و آمریکا قرار دارد؟
00:00 Hansa-Kämpfer Henning - „98 Prozent reichen nicht“
00:00 กรมชลฯเด้งรับ’บิ๊กฉัตร’ทำโครงการเพิ่มน้ำอ่างเก็บน้ำเขื่อนแม่กวงอุดมธารา เชียงใหม่ เสร็จปี 64
00:00 Kinderhilfswerk: Plan macht sechs Fälle von Kindesmissbrauch öffentlich
00:00 VIDEO: V Hant aréne na Pasienkoch bude v piatok opäť živo – Bratislavu čaká futsalové derby
00:00 Песков прокомментировал слова Серебрякова о хамстве как "национальной идее России"
00:00 "رصد": صحيفة عبرية تتحدث عن عراقيل تواجه "السيسي" في صفقة الغاز
00:00 Доклад Amnesty International: Пытки, "тайные тюрьмы" спецслужб Украины и преследование за критику власти
00:00 ”Tämä ei ole feminismiä” – Jennifer Lawrencen paljastavasta puvusta nousi skandaali: Napakka Facebook-kirjoitus laittoi pisteen kohulle
00:00 Археологи обнаружили в Египте древний храм с фрагментами памятников
00:00 Gefahr für Gottesdienstbesucher: Kastanien an der Kirche in Schleiden werden gefällt
00:00 Riesen-Vorsprung - Team-Gold für unsere Kombinierer
00:00 Nordische Kombination - Gold! Ihr seid die Kombi-Könige
00:00 Olympische Spiele: Deutsches Kombinierer-Team überlegen zu Gold
00:00 Bakireler Anıtı iki kere ortada kaldı
00:00 У балтійській країні обмалювали фарбою пам'ятник співробітникам НКВС
00:00 Mau Sunat Tapi Sudah Dewasa? Tak Perlu Khawatir, Ini Kata Dokter
00:00 В Бильбао прошла акция против фанатов «Спартака»: «Полицейские гордились согражданами»
00:00 Nyilvánosságra került levelek: tisztviselőket is befoghattak a Fidesz-kampányba
00:00 СМИ рассказали подробности задержания Навального правоохранителями
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00:00 Gernot Rohr: Super Eagles boss set to name squad for Poland, Serbia friendlies
00:00 Missing girls abducted by Boko Haram rescued
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00:00 الطب في ( العراق ) اليوم علمٌ (( أم )) تجارة
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00:00 Фургон румынского спецназа насмерть задавил мужчину на глазах его брата
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00:00 Kisah Nyata, Perawan Hamil Lima Bulan, Begini Cerita Lengkapnya
00:00 Где смотреть матч "Локомотив" - "Ницца" в Лиге Европы
00:00 Сайт Facebook обрушился в России
00:00 UN pleads for truce to avert ‘massacre’ as strikes hit Syria’s Ghouta for 5th day
00:00 Бывший почтальон с друзьями ограбили пенсионерку в Астрахани
00:00 Pankki huolestui: Pienituloisten perheiden lapset eivät usko koulutukseen
00:00 Житель Кубани умышленно сбил на машине щенков
00:00 PUPR Hentikan Sementara 32 Proyek tol, 3 LRT dan 1 Kereta Api
00:00 Ricchi & Poveri, la rivoluzione fiscale della flat tax: così chi meno ha, meno avrà

US Team still planning for Olympics despite confusion

Members of the Trump administration surprised the U.S. Olympic Committee by suggesting the nation’s participation at the upcoming Pyeongchang Games in South Korea was “an open question,” and the USOC responded by saying it has no plans on pulling out.

The confusion began when U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, in response to a question in a Fox News interview, said “There’s an open question” about whether the U.S. team would travel to South Korea, where tensions have grown high after a series of missile tests in North Korea and inflammatory rhetoric between its leader, Kim Jong-un, and U.S. President Donald Trump.

The USOC responded with a statement Thursday saying plans to compete in the Olympics, which run Feb. 9-25, hadn’t changed. Shortly after that, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters “no official decision has been made.”

She later clarified in a tweet , saying: “The U.S. looks forward to participating in the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The protection of Americans is our top priority and we are engaged with the South Koreans and other partner nations to secure the venues.”

The USOC doesn’t receive federal funding, and technically, the official decision on participating belongs to the committee and the athletes themselves, all of whom would be guided by directives from the State Department, which has not issued any travel restrictions to South Korea.

The USOC is in frequent contact with the State Department, the organizing committee in South Korea and law enforcement about security issues in Korea and other places that members of the U.S. team travel.

In September, the USOC’s head of security, Nicole Deal, sent a letter to members of the U.S. delegation saying “Despite current political tensions with North Korea, there is no specific information to suggest there are imminent threats to U.S. citizens or facilities in South Korea.”

That same week, USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said, “From our perspective, with the information we currently have, it’s full-steam ahead.”

It’s the same position the USOC held as of Thursday, and athletes who have been faced with the question haven’t wavered on their intention to compete.

“I was in Pyeongchang last February and as far as I’ve been told over the past year by the USOC, everything is basically the same,” figure skater Nathan Chen said last month. “I didn’t feel any security threats while I was there and I feel like everything will be basically the same for this upcoming Games. I trust the USOC 100 per cent and I know that they would do the best for all of their athletes.”