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Vancouver police find stash of stolen high-end bikes on Gastown rooftop

Stolen Giant, Cervelo, Santa Cruz, Trek, Rocky Mountain and Reign mountain and road bikes found on building roof

Downtown Eastside beat officers seized $20,000 in stolen bikes from a rooftop stash spot last week, after getting tips that the hot property was being stored somewhere in Gastown.

A stash of stolen high-end bikes that were being stored on the roof of a Gastown building have been recovered.

In a prepared statement, Vancouver Police Department spokesman Sgt. Steve Addison said beat patrol officers heard rumours based on an initial social media post suggesting someone was storing stolen bikes atop a Gastown building. The social media post, on Reddit, showed the bikes on the rooftop corner of a building that appeared to be at the corner of Cambie and Corodova streets – opposite the Woodwards Building.

“Officers in the Downtown Eastside rely on their strong community connections to solve crimes and keep people safe,” Addison said. “Because people came forward to report suspicious activity, our officers were able to launch a criminal investigation and are now working on getting these bikes back to their owners.”

After getting several tips, they pinpointed the stash spot and seized nine bikes on Nov. 22.

Addison said officers determined that the bikes were being lowered to the rooftop by rope from a neighbouring building.

“We know how many people depend on their bikes for recreation and to move around the city, so we’re working as fast as we can to get these bikes back to their rightful owners,” he said, adding Giant, Cervelo, Santa Cruz, Trek, Rocky Mountain, and Reign mountain and road bikes were among the bikes seized.

“Even without a serial number, we can sometimes locate the rightful owners based on unique features on the bike, so anyone who’s recently had their bike stolen should call police to file a police report. Our staff will contact you if we have your bike.”

VPD encourages all bike owners to register their rides with Project 529 to help prevent theft and to increase the likelihood of getting their bikes back if they do get stolen.