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Venice mayor calls for search for 'idiot' who filmed surfing on Grand Canal

When most people think of Venice's Grand Canal, they think of tranquil gondolas and scenic views.

But on Wednesday that peace was broken when two men were filmed gliding along the city's busiest canal on surfboards. I was.

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Several clips, taken by shocked onlookers at various points along the canal, show two surfers dodging gondolas and water taxis in the historic city center. is recorded. One of the surfer girlfriends can be seen taking pictures and videos of the joyride before dropping into the water.

A video of an unnamed man who appears to be riding a surfboard has caused a great deal of outrage online, including by Venice's Luigi his mayor Brugnaro.

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"Here are his two intimidating idiots mocking the city," Brugnaro said in Italian. posted on twitter. "I ask you all to help us identify them so that we can punish them." … chiedo a tutti di aiutarci a individuarli per punirli anche se le nostre armi sono davvero spuntate…servonourgentemente più poteri ai Sindaci in tema di siclezza publica!
A chi li individua offro una cena!

— Luigi Brugnaro (@LuigiBrugnaro) August 17, 2022

Brugnaro said surfing (as well as paddleboarding and canoeing) on ​​the Grand Canal is strictly prohibited, so the incident is a matter of public safety. He even said he would "serve dinner" to anyone who could find two surfers. It was posted on the Instagram account Venezia NON è Disneyland (translation: Venice is not Disneyland). This account shared an edited video to include Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys.

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according to the BBC, a police investigation was launched shortly after the incident.

Brugnaro later tweeted confirming that two men had been identified and that their foil and his surfboard had been confiscated.

A proposito dei due “eroi” di stamane, li abbiamo individuati! nostre braccia: verranno denunciati comemericano!
Grazie a tutti per la collaborazione.

— Luigi Brugnaro (@LuigiBrugnaro) August 17, 2022

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The BBC has accused the two surfers of endangering the public in connection with sailing on the canal. I was told that I would be prosecuted.

It remains unknown whether Brugnaro bought anyone's dinner.

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