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The video shows the moment when an eagle plunges and catches a small dog from British Columbia. Yard

This story contains details that can get in the way of the reader. Discretionary is recommended. A recent close phone call between a small dog and a baldeaglewas shot with a camera. 


Only eight months old, Coco was on the deck of his home inMetlakatla, north of Prince Rupert, on June 16.

Suddenly, her eagle plummeted and grabbed her.

Her owner, Justin Dudward, captured everything with a doorbell camera. The

video shows Coco screaming at the moment she was grabbed from the back pouch, and a sprint returning to her pouch after she escaped.

Dudward sits in the living room before he and his girlfriend get out of here and hear her daughter scream and put her scared dog back inside. Said he opened the door.

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He was seriously injured with only a few scratches on Coco's stomach. Said he didn't notice.

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But the next morning, they rush to the vet after noticing that her intestines are hanging. I did.

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Coco has fully recovered, And her encounter doesn't seem to scare her out.

Dudoward said she was running around "as if nothing had happened."

But her owner is still upset by her experience.

"I was really scared," Dudoward said. "I didn't know it was that bad until I went back and looked at the doorbell camera."

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Global News has contacted the Wildlife Rescue Association in British Columbia. For more information on how to keep small pets safe from eagle attacks.

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