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Vital Signs of Trouble: Many Ontario Nurses Flee to Get U.S. Jobs

"Inactive people stay away from bedside for self-preservation": Registered Nurses Association

Former GTA nurse Linda Li now works in a hospital in Houston
Former GTA nurse Linda Li now works at a hospital in Houston Photo by Supplied { Brought the necessary skills to the United States.

"I hated Ontario so much that I left. I didn't care," said Lee, who now works at Houston's Methodist Hospital.

She moved to Texas in January after working at her Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga for nearly seven years in home care, full nursing and intensive care practice.

Li's breaking point was seeing a relocated doctor doing nursing jobs and earning ten times as much as she did.

"I felt like I was working overtime, wasting a lot of time at work, and not really enjoying life." She said it was the best thing she'd done professionally.

"I've been thinking about this even before the pandemic because her cost of living was relatively high," she said indignantly. "Millennials can't afford [a home] unless they live in the suburbs." With three waves, Lee has no family in Houston, but is actively looking for work across the border.

"I really love it. I feel like my employer really cares about their staff." I am new to Methodist.

He has been there for about a year after he worked for two years at a hospital in Stouffville.

He is not surprised by the recent news of his ICU and his ER closure in the state.

"I am just shocked that we have come to this situation because I wonder when these leaders will wake up and realize things are going to get worse. ."He said.

Nurse Perry Bhaskaran abandoned Ontario’s strained health-care system for better prospects in the United States.
Nurse Perry Bhaskaran is at the heart of Ontario's strained healthcare system. abandoned and improved future prospects. usa. Photo by Supplied photo /Toronto Sun

Bhaskaran did not wait for working conditions to deteriorate.

He began looking for a job in the US in his March 2021 and moved to another location by August 2021.

For me, I was starting from scratch,” he said, and three of his friends who are also nurses took him to Houston. I am frustrated and exhausted from my work in my hometown.

"Many times in Ontario we had to fight to get the administration to look at working conditions," Baskaran said.

"Nobody can make me go back to Toronto to work as a nurse. The only way I can go back to Toronto is not to work as a nurse."

Ontario The Association of Registered Practicing Nurses (WeRPN) said it was aware of the outflow to the United States. No," said Diane Martin, the association's chief executive officer.

"I know how many people work in this state. There are no reporting requirements to claim.”

According to a WeRPN survey last week, 68% of nurses said they don't have enough time or resources to properly care for their patients.

"The first thing we have to solve is to keep the nurses we have. I'm not going to do it,'" said Martin.

The survey also found that 47% are considering quitting their jobs.

"In the state, we also know that people who are not mobile stay away from their bedsides for self-preservation."

Registered Nurse Justine Cole has over 10 years of experience.

She worked for Hamilton, where she held a long-term care managerial position, and is now in Windsor.

Referring to her past experiences as a manager, she said it was difficult to attract staff to her care home because of her limited number of full-time posts. I was.

Registered nurse Justine Cole is planning on moving to the United States
Justin Cole, a registered nurse, plans to emigrate to the United States Photo by Supplied photo /Toronto Sun

"I have been trying to secure a nurse. No one can get it, no one is available, especially in the long-term care sector.Hospitals have turned away who they had.They still pay more than long-term care."

Detroit is across the river from her home and a 20-minute drive from one of the downtown hospitals in the American city.

For months she has been actively seeking work there. It took her only four days to get her nursing license in Michigan.

She is currently awaiting a visa.

"We're finally getting to the point where we can say 'go to America.' The incentives in America are pretty crazy," Cole said.

Michigan hospitals recently removed the assessment requirement, offering a $15,000 sign-on bonus for her and making shift selection easier.

"They're desperate for nurses, too. And they're willing to do anything. Great chance. There's literally nothing keeping me here," Cole said. Told.

"Instead of going to America, I want to give back to my country. That's important to me. But I can't afford it. That alone doesn't make sense."


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