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"Morning Call": An organization that supports abortion in Canada, which is feeling the influence of the US ruling.

Abortion rights activists hold a moment of silence outside the White House as they protest in Washington, DC, after the U.S. Supreme Court scrapped half-century constitutional protections for the procedure.
Abortion activists are in the United States A moment of silence outside the White House as they protest in Washington, DC, after the Supreme Court has abolished half a century of constitutional protection for proceedings. Photo by SAMUELCORUM/AFP via Getty Images

Organizations supporting abortion services in Canada That's also the case. After last week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned the constitutional right to pregnancy in Canada, it's easy to know if many Americans will seek pregnancy services in Canada. You can, but they have already seen the ripple effect.

Planned Parenthood Ottawa Executive Director Jaisie Walker said the organization began receiving more requests for information on abortion shortly after the draft SCOTUS abortion decision was leaked last month. ..

These phones included people who wanted to help a friend in the United States who might not have access to an abortion.

Walker said some have always crossed the Canadian-US border to access abortion. It also includes Canadians going to the United States. He said the ruling could result in more people coming to Canada.

This can make it more difficult to control the waiting time for abortions and other medical services here.

"In general, there will be pressure across all borders," Walker said. This includes interstate borders.

But one of the biggest potential impacts will be to put more pressure on the health care professionals who provide abortion services. Many are already hesitant to publish about it for fear of being harassed. Walker said the US ruling "sets a precedent for what is possible", bolding those who oppose abortion in Canada and increasing fear between healthcare providers and users.

It seems that some Canadian health professionals have decided after the US ruling to do more to make the abortion drug Mifegymiso available to Canadians.

Canada National Abortion Federation (NAF) Executive Director Gild Kutaoff said about 70 healthcare providers enrolled for the organization's web-based abortion course over the weekend. Said. Usually, several people may sign up during the same period. She said the significant increase in interest was related to the US abortion decision.

"People have heard what's happening in the United States and I think they want to do something. If you're a health expert, that's it. It was a big awakening call, "she said. “People can feel angry, upset, and helpless when they see this happen.”

Helping improve access to abortion services in Canada is a healthcare specialty. Doctor Off said it was a concrete thing that a house could do.

NAF provides education and training for healthcare professionals who provide or are interested in providing abortion care, and patient support for patients facing barriers to access to abortion care. Offers.

Organizations that support or provide abortion services have stated that they do not support abortion law in Canada, which currently means that abortion will continue to be a treatment under the Canada Health Act.

However, Doctoroff and others have stated that lack of reasonable access to abortion remains a problem in some parts of Canada. She said the U.S. Supreme Court ruling should not take abortion services for granted in Canada and should serve as an awakening call for access to anyone who wants it. ..

Improving access to medical abortion should help, Dr. Off said.

She said it is still unclear whether many Americans will come to Canada for an abortion service that they can no longer return home. She said it was most likely to have an impact on Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Doctoroff is marginalized, racist, and has the resources and ability to travel long distances for abortion, many of the people most hit by the U.S. ruling. He said he was unlikely to have an abortion.

"I'm sure there are people in Canada who may have enough resources and travel to have a family, but we see a huge amount. It's hard to say. "

Action Canada for Sexual Health Rights spokeswoman Insiya Mankani said the number of people who could cross the Canadian border in search of abortion services in Canada. I agreed that it was still premature to know.

She said Action Canada wants the federal government to ensure that there are no barriers to Canadians receiving abortion services.

In some states, especially rural areas, abortion services are scarce and people may have to travel far, she said. In addition, some Ontario clinics charge up to $ 400 in administrative fees.

"I hope it will be covered by OHIP."

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