WandaVision director teases show’s ‘inevitable’ ending

Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn in a scene from WandaVision.

WandaVision director Matt Shakman has been on Reddit and he’s seen your theories. Some of you might even be close to solving the riddles surrounding Marvel’s first streaming show, which airs on Disney+. But with just one episode left — and the futures of sorceress Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and android Vision (Paul Bettany) and the whole town of Westview hanging in the balance — he’s going to let fans twist just a little bit longer.

“We did enjoy watching the conversation unfold week-to-week. There are some things that people have not talked about,” Shakman, 45, teases in a video call. “But there are some things that people have talked about that won’t add up to anything. That’s the joy of looking at something with so much care and love. I’m happy it has inspired so much passion.”

Shakman, who also worked on Game of Thrones, says being able to release new episodes weekly felt right as fans were able to slowly peel back the layers of Marvel’s multi-genre storyline, which will tie into the upcoming Spider-Man and Doctor Strange sequels.

But with only one episode left, and a myriad of plot threads to tie up before this week’s season finale, Shakman is keeping his cards close to his chest.

When the Sun spoke to Bettany in January, he said the show was “headed somewhere massive and epic.” Elsewhere, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Teyonah Parris (who plays Captain Marvel 2’s Monica Rambeau) described the ending as “epic and incredibly sad.”

All Shakman will add to this is, “I couldn’t give it any kind of description, except to say it’s episode 9.”

Before the Westview mystery comes to a close, Shakman spoke with the Sun about this season’s story arc and why he hopes the ending feels surprising but “inevitable.”

How did you set out to do something different with WandaVision?

The story began with an idea from (Marvel Studios boss) Kevin Feige. This idea of putting Wanda and Vision in a sitcom reality. Then (writer) Jac Schaeffer and producer Mary Livanos started to build out what that story would be … but it was always this idea of exploring the loss that Wanda has experienced (after Vision’s death in Avengers: Infinity War) and how you process grief.

Why was Agatha Harkness the perfect choice as the series’ villain?

That’s a good question, but is she the villain of WandaVision? We’ll have to see. First of all, she’s played by Kathryn Hahn, so that makes her very much worthy of being a big bad because she’s amazing and can do anything. But this is a story about learning who the Scarlet Witch is. Who is Wanda Maximoff, really? A story that involves magic like that needs another witch to be part of that story. Agatha Harkness, certainly in the comics, has been a mentor at times as well and there’s going to be a lot of things Wanda can learn from her.

Kathryn Hahn plays the witch Agatha Harkness on WandaVision.
Kathryn Hahn plays the witch Agatha Harkness on WandaVision. Photo by Disney+

WandaVision wasn’t supposed to be the first Phase 4 thing people were going to see from Marvel. But it feels right that it was. 

We are this love letter to television, so it makes sense that this would be the first thing from Marvel Studios to come to TV. It’s also a show about dealing with grief and loss and we are all going through that right now … a show about a woman dealing with grief and processing her own loss feels strangely suited and resonant with the times.

The show also brought back Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis (Thor), Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo (Ant-Man) and gave us our first look at Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel 2. Was there a bigger purpose behind that or was it done as fan service?

Definitely not fan service. We wanted to figure out a team that could be dynamic and fun on the outside trying to figure out the mystery just like everyone else at home was trying to unravel the mystery.

What do you think about the campaign for Jimmy to get his own Marvel series?

I think Jimmy Woo should absolutely get his own show. I think the more Randall Park, the better.

Randall Park returned as Jimmy Woo from the Ant-Man series in WandaVision.
Randall Park returned as Jimmy Woo from the Ant-Man series in WandaVision. Photo by Disney+

Are there plans for a second season?

There are no official plans for another season of WandaVision. But it’s the MCU, so never say never.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, in a scene from WandaVision.
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, in a scene from WandaVision. Photo by Disney+

Going forward, how will the shows Marvel is airing on Disney+ inform the movies and vice versa?

They will all be part of the interconnected universe … We’re going to get to know characters that we only knew peripherally, like Wanda and Vision, and meet new characters like She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. So, it’s only going to expand this universe and make the interconnection between the stories more satisfying.

Fans have a lot of questions. Are all of them going to be answered with this week’s finale?

There have been a lot of theories out there, a lot of them quite imaginative. I can’t promise that everyone out there with their theories will get the answer that they want. But I think it will be clear when the show is over that the story, we were setting out to tell is the one that we told. We have always been pointed in the same direction in this story about how Wanda has processed loss. Hopefully, when folks are finished watching the finale, they will be both surprised, but also feel that it was inevitable.

The season finale of WandaVision hits Disney+ Friday, March 5

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