WARMINGTON: Even Orwell’s dystopia didn’t include a basketball ban

A disabled basketball net at the Pheasant Run court in Mississauga.

They don’t have shot clocks on Mississauga’s basketball courts.

They have shot locks.

The outdoor court at the Pheasant Run Park has undergone a major technical installation to ensure no one dares to try to sink a basket here.

You would think somebody would call a foul.

Well, actually somebody did over the weekend.

Someone managed to cut down a wooden contraption that city workers put over the hoop to allow some fun again. Dads, moms, and their kids took advantage of it.

Word was getting out that sanity, laughter and happiness had dribbled its way back thanks to a rare act of civil defiance in an era that even author George Orwell could not have predicted in his classic dystopian novel, 1984.

Then came the totalitarian COVID-19 reality that people are not free anymore under this provincial stay-at-home order that has seen outdoor recreation banned.

Somebody has blocked the net again. This time with a bike lock.

No slam dunks here — unless you want to end up with a splinter or piece of metal in your hand. Authorities have added a metal chain and lock to the other net just in case somebody gets some dangerous anarchist idea of getting a pick-up game going!

This dark time of frozen freedoms is obscene and harmful to society while likely not curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie has continually pointed out this madness.

Meanwhile, I am having a difficult time believing Premier Doug Ford would ever sanction something so ridiculous. No way. His late brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, loved sports.

This is not Ford Nation style. So if someone sees the premier, please show him a picture of these fortified nets.

Also, ask him to send a picture of himself, too, with a current copy of the Toronto Sun to prove he’s not being held captive against his will.

Come on, Doug. Enough, man. It’s getting stupid.

Call some of the people you used to talk with for better advice than you are currently getting.

Tell the public health doctors that you have turned your power over so it’s time to remove the shackles and deal with COVID-19 logically.

The provincial science table, after all, is now signalling golf, tennis and beach volleyball is not a COVID spread anymore and the mayors are on board, too.

Open it up. Let people live!

“Restrictions on outdoor rec need to be lifted. It’s the fair thing to do,” tweeted Crombie Tuesday. “Ontarians are already making huge sacrifices for the collective good.Outdoor rec allows adults & children to take care of their physical & mental health, and experts say it’s safe with precautions.”

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The big question, as the clock ticks down to another election, is when will the ball finally bounce the other way?

Right now no one can shoot a basket because of the locks installed on them.

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