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WARMINGTON: It’s the third escape from CAMH for ‘violent’ sex offender police are hunting for

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Ijahim Peter
Ijahim Peter Photo by Handout /TPS

Call it a hat trick for this violent sex offender CAMH just can’t seem to keep locked up.

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This is dangerous offender Ijahim Peter’s escape from Toronto’s hospital for the mentally ill – part three.

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Maybe, this time they should check the airport?

On Thursday, Toronto Police announced that the 37-year-old — who was found not criminally responsible for two sexual assaults and also assaulting a police officer — went missing from CAMH at Queen St. W. and Ossington Ave. at 4 p.m. Wednesday.  

In addition to thinking the information that his man had gone AWOL should have been shared with police and the public seconds after it was discovered, one could not help but think have we not seen this movie before. 

Elopees from CAMH are a regular occurrence. But when there are people who have been before the courts but not found guilty due to their mental health status, then it puts the public at great risk. 

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But sometimes you see names and faces you recognize. Ijahim Peter jumped out. 

Ijahim Peter, 35
- the elopee has been located
- thank you for sharing#GO1997228

— Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) October 18, 2021

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Sure enough, one look into the files and it was this same man in 2017 reported to have left the facility. It took a day and they eventually found him. Same goes in 2021.

Now it’s happened again in 2023. Could he have got on a plane and escaped the country? 

Remember Zhebin Cong? That’s what he did. He was found not criminally responsible for a 2014 slaying in which his roommate San Tai Yuan was hacked to death with a meat cleaver. In 2019 he was out on a community trip when he skipped town. They lost him but didn’t know he was on the lam for two weeks. The next time authorities found a trace of him was sitting on an airplane for China. 

Zhebin Cong, 47
-Last seen Jul 3, 4 pm, Queen St + Ossington Av
-5'9, 200, heavy build, short black hair
-No clothing descriptions
-He has trouble speaking english#GO1237691

— Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) July 15, 2019

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He was never heard from again. 

CAMH seems at times to have a hard time keeping track of its patients. That the hospital is smack in the middle of a neighbourhood with families is problematic and concerning. 

It will be interesting to see what happens this time with the latest person to escape CAMH. One thing that is clear is while this person is on the loose, no one out there is safe. 

No one. 

“He is currently bound by a Form 49 Warrant of Committal,” say Toronto Police. “He was found not criminally responsible for the index offences of two counts of Sexual Assault, Assault Peace Officer, and Fail to Comply Probation Order.” 

Police also explain “a Warrant of Committal is issued by the Ontario Review Board when a person is found Not Criminally Responsible in court. The Warrant of Committal ‘Disposition of Detention’ commits the person to the custody of a provincial psychiatric hospital and subjects them to abide by certain conditions.” 

What police are really saying is be very careful. This man is dangerous. If you see him, don’t confront him but call 911 immediately. 

“He is described as 5-foot-7, 220 pounds, with a medium build and dark brown hair in twists. He was last seen wearing a dark grey hooded sweater and grey high-top shoes.” 

He’s hurt people before and because of his mental illness was not held criminally responsible, so if you see him, best to stay away and call police.

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