Water quality advisory issued for West Kelowna water system

A water quality advisory has been issued for the Lakeview Water System in West Kelowna.

The advisory is due to increased turbidity levels in Rose Valley Resevoir.

People on the Lakeview Water System will have utility bills that start with the number 455, and a water quality advisory map is available on the City of West Kelowna website.

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Children, the elderly, and peopole with compromised immune systems must use water brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute or a safe alternative water source.

Safe water is available at the bulk filling station at Shannon Lake and Asquith Roads.

People must bring clean containers and hoses for filling and must wear gloves, as well as remaining six feet away from others.

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The West Kelowna Public Works Department is performing high velocity water main flushing.

This may lead to low water pressure at times, or discoloured water.

Once crews have finished flushing, discolouration can be taken care of by running a cold tap until the water runs clear.

The water quality advisory will remain until further notice.

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