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"We have a good fight": Proponents ponder Femicide's cause of death hearing in Ontario

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Noushin Ziafati

People take part in a vigil at the Women's Monument in Petawawa, Ont., following the jury's release of recommendations in the Borutski Inquest in Pembroke, Ont., on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Many witnesses testified at the landmark coroner's inquest into the women's deaths. A review of the case says the perpetrator had been involved in the family and criminal justice system for 40 years, with repeatedly documented concerns about domestic violence and threats to harm others.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
People participate in the alert Increasingly on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at the Women's Memorial in Petawawa, Ontario, after a jury issued a recommendation at the Boltsky Inquest in Pembroke, Ontario. Many witnesses testified in a groundbreaking coroner's inquiry into the cause of death of a woman. According to case reviews, perpetrators have been involved in family and criminal justice systems for 40 years, repeatedly documenting concerns about domestic violence and threats of harm to others. Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick Photo by Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press

A member of the eastern Ontario community, shaken by the deaths of three women by hand, did more than just mourn the victims in a recent coroner's inquest. They gathered around the participants and helped them.

Inquest witnesses shared disastrous details about the victims of violence by intimate partners during June, including Carol Kaleton, Anastasia Kujik, and Natalie. He explained in detail how he contributed to the death of Warmer Dam. Renfrew County and beyond appeared daily to limit the emotional sacrifice of the process.

On September 22, 2015, a man with a long history of violence against women was killed on local property by Basil Boltsky, who had a past relationship with all three. rice field.

A very different scene was performed at a similar facility nearby while witnesses testified in a hotel conference room in Pembroke, Ontario.

"They booked a hotel room across the street, where there was always food, drink, and human companions for those who needed a break from the survey." Read the blog entry from Pamela Cross, a lawyer and expert. About violence against women testified in the investigation. "They also confirmed that there were allies in the agenda's daily room, even if they continued to perform their own services."

The nature of the inquest itself. Similarly, such actions from allies made Cross feel as hopeful as the process was solemn.

"Many people were cynical about the possibility of an inquest, but I'm not a fool. I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of recommendations. In many cases, very few will be implemented, "Cross, who had a community consultation prior to the investigation, said in an interview.

"It's hard to be cynical, but I'm also hoping for how this survey was set up in this way and brought in a lot from the community from day one. , I never lost that hope. ”

End violence against women, a local advocate — Renfrew County decorates its research room with a cane lily and carries a hopeful message. I handed out a magic wand. Community members brought homemade treats for those who witnessed the process, and mental health support was available to anyone in need.

Lisa Oegema, a victim service in Renfrew County, one of the many organizations that make up the coalition of EVA and Renfrew County, said these small details made the room "positive and compassionate." Nurture energy with a certainty. "

" All of this gathered together, the energy of the room, ... the hope of change led you every day, "provided the testimony and attended the inquest. Said Oegema. -People on some other occasions.

When the Renfrew County community first discussed the possibility of an inquest three years ago, Oegema said it was clear what people wanted from the beginning.

"Unless there is a change, don't bring band-aids into the community and tear them apart," the residents said, looking back at the 86 recommendations made by the five juries last Tuesday.

The Ontario government included a formal declaration of an epidemic of intimate violence. The Ontario Attorney General states that the recommendations "take time to be considered and properly considered."

Oegema said the inquest was not disappointing.

"I think it was for the greater benefit, as long as the days were long and there was a great deal of heartache in listening to many of the witnesses' testimonies, and I really think that change will occur. I believe, "she said.

Many witnesses told the jury that there was something written on the wall of Boltsky. A review of the case found that the perpetrator had been involved in the family and criminal justice system for 40 years, repeatedly documenting concerns about domestic violence and the threat of harm to others.

Carton, Kujik, and Warmerdam have been abused by the perpetrators and have told several people that they are afraid of him. They talked to friends, family, or people working in the criminal justice system about their depth of fear.

Oegema said EVA-Renfrew County would meet again in September to review the jury's recommendations and identify areas of improvement to continue the fight to end violence against women.

"When we sit down and review these recommendations, we can say,'Yes, our agency can do that,'" she said. ..

Lanark County Interval House and Community Support Executive Director Erinley also testified at the Inquest and solidarity with her staff.

She said it was refreshing to see the carton, whale, and warmer dam inquests focusing specifically on intimate violence in rural areas.

Research has shown that remote support service providers tend to have limited financial resources to support their jobs, but victims of these communities are You face many barriers when trying to seek support.

While some of the recommendations that come to the cause of death hearing require "political will," Lee said that Ontario's anti-violent agencies "make continuous and change" within the community. I will continue to work hard. "

"We will not give up. We will continue to fight well. We will accept the recommendations and strive to move them forward," she said. "Carol Kaleton, Anastasia Kujik and Natalie Warmerdam will not be forgotten. They will be remembered and their names will be said."

This report by Canadian Press was published in 2022. First published on the 3rd of March.


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