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Winnipeg Virtual Doctor Service Improves Access to Healthcare

Manitoba people can deposit online at the bank and order groceries from their mobile phones. I believe that the Manitoba pair should now be able to makevisitsdoctorsonline.

"I always felt unfair that someone who knew me could call me to connect to the system and get medical care. Many doctors said that. We feel that, Dr. Nomesilver, co-founder and CEO of QDoc, said:

QDocis made by Winipeg. The newonlinetool connects users and doctors via a webcam in about 15 minutes. The goal is to connect each patient to their area, whether pediatrician or obstetrician / gynecologist. Match with a local doctor.

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"Our whole is of quality Ensuring equal access to high medical care. All Canadians, regardless of geographic location or socio-economic situation, "says Silver.

"If you have a local medical institution, why don't you want to contact your doctor for free on video instead of going to the clinic or emergency department if you don't need it?"

According to Silver, online tools are already expanding rapidly and several pilot projects are underway.

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"We have a relationship with MKO and QDoc pilots will start servicing the community." He says. "We are also working with Peguis First Nation, the Hodgson area, and Fisher Branch to pilot the First Nations Community's emergency medical services so that emergency vehicles can connect directly to doctors when they arrive at a person's home. The doctor who cares for the area is first accessed.

Meanwhile, within Winnipeg, users are already benefiting from this service.

Marina Burns is a busy Winnipeg My mother says that this tool is useful for children.

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"I'm a working mom with three children So it's really hard to find time to spend the day finding a doctor, "says Burns.

A sick child usually means visiting a clinic for her family, but QDoc has saved her time and travel.

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"I'm a doctor. He evaluated the situation. The next day, I made an X-ray appointment for my child, and that was the solution," says Barnes.

Free tools have proven to be popular outside of Winnipeg. In Winnipeg, many rural and northern communities do not have timely access to medical services.

"Clearly not a replacement for face-to-face care, but faced with the (people desperate) reality of service ...", co-founder and chief technology officer. David Berkowits said.

Berkowits has developed software for the program. The software allows patients to share virtual visit details with their doctor. This is what he calls the future method.

"As someone who has been in this business for 30 years and wants to integrate medical records, it's the basis and core of what we're building," he says.

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So far 25 doctors are on board and we hope to hire another 150 increase.

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