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Women in Film & TV Vancouver welcomes participants in the new TV producer program

The 6-month initiative aims to help creators of different genders enter the television industry

Participants in the Women in Film & Television Vancouver’s emerging TV producer program are (back row, left to right): Jessica Bradford, Deborah Osborne, Raeanne Boon, Emslie Attisha, Jessica To, Maritama Carlson, Sabrina Roc, Marie Picard. In the front row, left to right: Andrea Routley, Rachelle Younie, Nic Altobelli, Ana Carrizales, Leah Flagg and program director Ana de Lara.
Female Participants in the Movie& TV Vancouver's new TV producer program is ( Back row, left to right): Jessica Bradford, Deborah Osborne, Rayan Boon, M3 Atisha, Jessicato, Maritama Carlson, Sabrina Rock, Marie Picard. From left to right in the front row: Andrea Routley, Rachelle Younie, Nico Altobelli, Ana Carrizales, Leah Flagg, Program Director Anade Lara. Photo: Patrycja Kamska

Women in Film & Television Vancouver(WIFTV) is the 2022Emerging Television Producer ProgramAnnounced the participants of. 35}

WIFTV Programis a 6-month initiative aimed at helping creators of diverse genders and genders, "a tool for invasion." , Training and connectivity. The television industry. "

" This is one of the best and most comprehensive programs for up-and-coming writers / producers in the city. I'm away from the first phase of the program with a good overview of the television market. Guest speakers were informative, transparent and very generous with insiders and important information, "Vancouver said. Ana Carrizales, a participant in the program based in, said in an email.

The 11 selected participants are in the middle of Phase 1 of the program, a series of Foundation workshops held in Vancouver.

WIFTV Producer program participant Ana Carrizales.
Participants in the WIFTV Producer Program Anacarisares. Photo courtesy of Ana Carriszales

The topics covered in the workshop include pitching, funding opportunities, budgeting, financial planning, law and broadcasting. There are stations, distribution, etc. In Phase 2, participants will work with mentors to help package development funds and projects for industry markets.

"I am very honored to be part of this program. Not only do I make sure that the last two years I have devoted to the production of the series have been worthwhile, but the same challenges and hardships. I was also incredibly proud and incredibly grateful to have access to a group of women who have gone through the production and where we are all after this program. I'm very excited to see if I'm going, "Vancouver's M3 Attisha said in an email.

The WIFTV Emerging TV Producer Program is funded and funded by the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and supported by CMPA B.C., Picture Shop, and Creative B.C. For more information,

Program Finalists and Their Projects:

NicAltobelli – The Kindred

EmslieAttisha – Liberation

Raeanne Boon –  Bippity Boppity Bitch

Maritama Carlson – Mamazen

Anacarisares – Runner

Rear Flag – Morning Glory

Marie Picard – Alien Wanted

Sabrina Rock – Food Island

Andrea Lutley – Back

Jessica To – Workshop Wendy

Rachelle Younie – Dead Inside

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