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Coronavirus: no new deaths, 142 people test positive on Friday (Updated)

No new deaths from Covid-19 were announced on Friday, while testing came up with 142 new positives.

Hospitals were treating 56 patients, of whom 24 are in a serious condition; and of these, 10 were intubated, one is in ICU but not on a ventilator, and 14 are in high-dependency units.

In addition, nine post-Covid-19 patients continued to be intubated in ICU.

The health ministry reported that 64.41 per cent of those in hospital did not have a vaccination record.

A total of 53,801 tests were carried out (of which 5,070 with PCR), with the 142 positives representing a positivity rate of 0.26 per cent.

That brings to 122,137 the cumulative total of positives since the outbreak began in March 2020.

Friday’s 142 positives broke down as follows: 25 from 402 samples via contact tracing; seven from 2,682 samples taken at the airports; 29 from 1,594 samples taken by private initiative; three from 224 samples processed by microbiology laboratories at the general hospitals; 54 from 29,218 samples (antigen rapid test) processed at private clinical labs and pharmacies; and 24 from 19,513 samples processed as part of the health ministry’s free testing programme.
No new cases from 168 samples taken as part of doctor referrals were detected

Zero positives turned up from testing at care homes in the Nicosia and Limassol districts. Testing at primary and secondary schools yielded seven positives.