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Avlon: By telling the truth, Biden committed a classic Washington gaffe

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    1. Brandon is an ARMS DEALER!!
      Brandon will made America ppl to the worst poverty in decades!!

    2. @usa911 OH NO!!! What’ll we do? It’s time to call Orange Aid to save the day. Made with 100% tang. He’ll know what to do. Playing golf and hamburgers usually work.

  1. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential COMMAND.” George orwell 1984

  2. “What you are seeing… not whats happening.” George Orwell 1984

  3. “By telling the truth”. Lol Brandon hasn’t uttered one truthful sentence in two years. Zero

  4. For someone who is regarded as the most weak leader he sure does make some bold statements

  5. Tell the truth and it’s a gaffee. Lie and it’s a mistrust. Silence is a missed opportunity. 🤦‍♂️ give me a break jeez.

  6. “by telling the truth…”
    CNN initially was confused by the concept but soldiered through.

  7. Joe forgot to lie….. CNN we got his back lmfao!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Brandon is an ARMS DEALER!!
      Brandon will made America ppl to the worst poverty in decades!!

  8. Sometimes, you have to do the hard things, and have that reality check.

    1. Thank You Very Much and wish will hear soon from you😀

  9. one China “principle” and one China “policy” are 2 different things…. China should just give up, had they took care of this in the 50s (70 years ago) this wouldn’t be an issue. you had 3 generations of leaders who couldn’t do nothing with Taiwan…. China failure, dishonored their famiries, and they rack focus

  10. Welp folks there you have it. Never get told the truth from the government. As if we the people are dumb enough to have not figured that out 🙄

  11. Under the One China policy, the US recognises and has formal ties with China rather than the island of Taiwan, which China sees as a breakaway province to be reunified with the mainland one day. Under Canada’s One China policy, Canada does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and does not maintain official, government-to-government relations with Taipei. Why? Because China said so.

    1. If it bothers China that much, maybe it can ask the US to have John Cena apologize on behalf of the US government. Personally though, I think the US should just stick to their guns (pun intended). Because there’s no way in hell US is gonna allow China to take over a country with the largest semi-conductor industry in the world. Taiwan has too much global strategic relevance.

  12. Why defends Taiwan when we are unwilling to defend Ukraine?
    Why defend Taiwan while we agree to the One China policy?

  13. Love how CNN edits the part he pooped his diaper right after vocalizing an ambiguous policy 😂

  14. OMG, the CNN spin on this. “He told the truth.” What a line of BS.

  15. Telling the truth?…😂😂😂
    President Mumbles McTeleprompter was a F’ing deer in headlights who answered quickly, sounding weak and tired. Leave it to CNN for Biden shielding.

  16. Lol those darn politicians! Always accidentally telling us the truth! Lmao do they actually expect us to believe that?

  17. This is not a “gaffe” but the first good and popular thing said in a while.