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Biden’s legal team found another batch of classified documents

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  1. My God! Isn’t there an inventory system for these classified documents? This whole situation is just absurd. The incompetence is just mind boggling.

    1. In a past job dealing with unclassified documents, we were trained for all levels of security and how to handle them. There are well-defined protocols – how to determine whether the item is classified, how to store it, transport it, where it could be viewed, and even how to destroy expired items. There were reminders of penalties for screwing it up too. Let’s just say I was happy not to have anything to do with classified or even sensitive items.

    2. @kay armstrong Perhaps the lease was up. We will find out in due time.

    3. Ask Oliver North about the Fawn Hall Security and Inventory System LOL

  2. This should inform us all that those involved in keeping our security related information secure haven’t been doing such a good job. At the very least.

    1. @Leeanne Bishop hahaha typical deflection. Pathetic. Cooperating? He hid the findings until after the elections…now he is pleading the 5th. Imagine being as delusional as you.

    2. @EinieN Jand how do you personally know what Trump declassified . Did you see the documents . They said he declassified some on the news that I saw . You must have a high ranking clearance

    3. @Leeanne Bishop I believe I recall something from the Muller report regarding it bring a long standing precedent not to prosecute sitting presidents. That’s the only thing that stopped Muller from recommending charges for donnie.

    4. @Leeanne Bishopthe crime is in taking Top Secret documents and not having the power to declassify documents.

  3. Someone should be asking/checking where is/was the high security. Can people just walk out with boxes of classified/top secret information.

    1. @Keith last He was a elected President fool

    2. “Let’s blame the bank-teller for what the bank robber did!!!!”

    3. Dolt 45 did that, then he obstructed justice.

    4. @Cocorna 32
      “…hot water…”
      That’s funny.
      Don’t forget that a sitting POTUS cannot be indicted, for anything, and the DOJ has demonstrated they don’t have the balls to charge a former POTUS.
      And the GQP made it this way.
      So thank yourselves that you won’t see accountability for your imaginations.😂

  4. There should be serial numbers and a chain of custody for every classified document. It would be easy to implement. This is unacceptable.

    1. Dems handle classified material like they handle mail in ballots

    2. Chain of custody is fantastic… they should require it for elections as well 😉

    3. @Michael Saylor Mail in ballots have worked for years. Just because Trump said that he didn’t like them (even though he did mail in ballots). You have drank the Koolaid. Trump is a criminal.

    4. “Let’s blame the bank-teller for what the bank robber did!!!!”

  5. If there are this many documents floating around without any follow up there has to be so much more out there. Clearly the current system isn’t working as it’s intended.

    1. Oh, they intended it. We’ve just about been sold out.

    2. Such a progressive way of thinking. Its not Bidens fault. The system failed him. Its a combination of racism and climate change most likely.

  6. You can check out a library book and 10 years later they know that you did not return it. How the hell can they not know where all these documents are, total incompetence .

    1. @Strom Thermos what you just did is exactly like the mental gymnastics Democrats must perform to actually convince themselves that voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is really making your life better. TDS

    2. @greenhometony take a snap shot of inflation, gas prices, border, crime and strength on the World stage with Trump. Now take one today after two years of Joe Biden and tell yourself things are better for you.

    3. Library books cost money and the cities are bankrupt because cop pensions. So libraries need to get those books back from deadbeats.

  7. Amazing how our Government can’t keep track of highly sensitive national security documents – but any local library can if you have an overdue book.

    1. @Mark N well good thing they didn’t find any of the illegal things they said he was supposed to have. It was all in Biden’s possession 🤦‍♂️

    2. Hmm 10,000 books vs God knows how many to secrete documents. According to Trump and his administration they’re handed to interns and anyone around to read it to show off.

    3. @Owen Oulton Trump has executive privilege, something a VP doesn’t. And yes, it’s been confirmed that there was SCI documents at Penn, a university that received millions from the PRC, 10% for the big guy.

    4. Amazing how many “random” people have the exact same talking point. It’s as if a thousand library miscreants all screamed out at once in anguish and despair over their fines.

  8. Why wasn’t the National Archives aware of these documents in the first place?

  9. Keep in mind , Biden was told about the first batch on November 2nd and the press and public were just told about this on Monday.

    1. @kamron spencer FYI Wion, Sky News UK, Sky News Australia, german , french, south korean, tawianese news. I even got rid of cable

    2. I’m sure more documents will turn up. Has someone looked in the trunk of Biden’s car?

    3. @bngr bngr hmm Maybe that is why he is building a wall around his Delaware Home?

    4. @kamron spencer And you know Trump didn’t take them home to look over them and forgot. Of course. totally different. Trump co-operatated with his documents. He let them in , gave them his documents. They saw some they weren’t sure about so they locked the room and said they’d come back if required. How is that not co-operating?? Strange that the classified documents with Biden involved Ukraine. Biden was involved in heavy hitting them to get what the USA/ He/and Hunter wanted as VP

  10. I’m gonna search my house for classified documents just to be safe.

    1. Be sure to call your cleaning lawyer to help you search like FJB did.

    2. This guy use to take client files home all the time. We implemented a check out system. He never took the files home. The WH can afford to hire a records person that checks out documents.

  11. I love that everyone is surprised. Lol, man, the government has a lot of people duped into this “my side good, your side bad” bullshit when they all do the same type of crap.

    1. Yeah I’ve been pretty pissed at the dems for awhile now and I’ve always hated the republicans.

    2. People have gone to jail for far less. Remember when that sailor took a photo of the inside of a submarine and he got dishonorable discharge and jail time.

    3. Yes both sides bad.. Smh we need a new party or less government tbh

  12. They need to do a search of his offices because the lawyer is finding this classified material are not allowed to see it and we’re just supposed to trust that they didn’t open them up and look through them

  13. “Penetration, however slight, is enough to perpetrate the crime”. It doesn’t mater how many documents, or how much they are cooperating, there are serious allegations that need to be investigated and people need to answer for this.

    1. BINGO. All the rest is window dressing. If these allegations are true he must be held accountable. All comparisons to Trump are meaningless. If Trump is guilty he must be held accountable. Unfortunately , recent events are revealing a two teared justice system. We cannot allow the DOJ to sweap this like everything else biden

    2. If Dolt 45 had been charged then maybe you could convince me that this was important.

  14. Who remembers a few months ago when Biden said “Trump shouldn’t have been so careless with classified documents”? I do.

    1. I don’t think Sloppy Joe remembers what he had for breakfast today

    2. @Meme Memeson and you’re just full of partisan bullsh*t.

    3. @Brian R trump stole them and ment to than lied repetedly about it so theres that

  15. Amazing that people still want even more government in their lives.
    ~Jim Eagle

    1. Ronald Regan brainwashed an entire generation of boomers thinking that when government does something for the people it equals bad and likely communism.

  16. So these documents were found before the midterms, but they suppressed the story until now.

    1. At least he didn’t have some bimbo shred the documents like Olliver “Republican Hero” North did

  17. WAIT A MINUTE..He never had the power to declassify anything he had. Where is the FBI & DOJ?

  18. His lawyer just happened to “discover” the documents while moving his stuff.

    Because we all call up our lawyer on moving day

    1. Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    2. Not to mention that they were moved from the WH before this.

  19. It’s very difficult for CNN to cover this.. i see how careful they chose their words

    1. Most of the anchors have been doing a good job. The new CNN tactic is let their anchors report the news accurately and then have a panel full of left wing pundits spin it.

  20. It’s a known fact people are often guilty of what they accuse others of doing!

    1. That principle is a sure way of knowing what someone themselves are doing

    2. Calling the Republicans not sees and then sending billions of dollars to literal not sees in Ukraine lol.