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Brazilian soccer legend Pelé dead at 82

@Jay Jay True, never watched him live(Im from 1986), but watched countless hours of him playing, including every game from 58, 62, and 70 World cups…have you ever watched him?

He never played in Europe, but completely trashed European clubs and national teams when he played them, scoring hundreds of goals…that includes a hat trick against France in a WC semi finals, 2 against the host Sweden in the final(at age 17), scoring against Czechoslovakia , Romania and Italy in the final(4-1) in 1970 WC.
He scored 8 goals in 7 matched agains Inter Milan, 6 in 5 matches against Roma, 10 in 7 matches against Benfica.
He scored twice against Barcelona in Camp Nou(Santos 5-1 Barcelona), against Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeo (Santos 5 – 3 R. Madrid), 4 goals against Inter Milan (Santos 7 – 1 Inter)
At age 18, he played with Santos in a European tour, 22 matches in 42 days, and scored 38 goals.
The Brazilian 1970 squad, considered by many the best national team ever only had players from the Brazilian league not even one played in Europe…

No, in the 60s, football was already VERY PROFESSIONAL.
As an exemple, the english league, the maximum wage was abolished, and the average wage of footballers steadily climbed year after year. In 61, the average wage of a footballer in the english top league was roughly 50% higher than an average worker…in 68 it was already 3 times higher, with the highest payed player(George Best) making 45x the average workers wage…
In fact, some of the best players EVER played in that era, and Pelé was way ahead of them