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Daniel Dale fact checks false claims Donald Trump made at Waco rally

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  1. Sigh. He needs to stop lying. People must stop believing him.

  2. Why bother with fact checking this dud? His worshipers do not care. Some people apparently like being lied to. So let them.

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  4. Respectfully, fact checking a Trump speech is a textbook example of a pointless exercise. There is a standard rule for Trump public pronouncements: open mouth, utter lies and exaggerations and hyperbole. End of story.

  5. You do realize that facts don’t matter to these people?

    1. Are you talking about Dems/Libs?
      Because it sounds like you’re talking about Dems/Libs.

  6. Congratulations George Floyd on almost 3 years sober! I hope it isn’t too hot down there!

  7. Considering the fact that some of his supporters started leaving the rally is proof that his party is losing faith in him. Repeating the same lies again and again and again isn’t getting him anywhere.

  8. Just for a moment….try to imagine the intellect of a fellow American that still sends their hard earned money to this man…

    1. I never understood why a billionaire, or an alleged one, begs for money. And while I am sure wealthy people bend over forwards and hand him blank checks, so do poorer people. And while it’s their choice, it still feels wrong to me. But it’s their stupidity, so let it be I guess.

  9. Love the journalism of Donald Dale from the Toronto Star days and Jim D’Acosta – both stellar journalists and fact checkers.

  10. I sometimes think when he is going to be indicted and they take him in don’t do it in a quiet way but do it with much bravado and fanfare. Throw a big party along the route with a marching band and confetti, etc. and many well known faces and names. It would show him and those who support him that we aren’t intimidated by any of his stunts to stay out of jail. His action just after bad news comes to him, like him thereafter going to this rally in Waco Texas, seems always to be done as a distraction for his supporters there and those watching at home to not look at the facts of his criminal behavior and to make them think that he is just being unfairly prosecuted, for these people prefer sensation and lies over reality and truth.

  11. Let’s not forget who left the Taliban in charge-Donald Trump. He also negotiated the deal without the benefit of Afghanistan’s legal government.

  12. Trump in 2020: “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”
    Trump in 2024: “Guard. Cellmate. Bars. Toilet. Cot.”

  13. In case y’all didn’t notice Donald Trump still ain’t in jail lmfao 🤣

  14. Someone needs to do a power point presentation on this

  15. Seeing those young Trump Supporters in the background should worry a lot of people, that means the cycle of hate and ignorance will continue for many more years to come.

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  17. Why let facts get in the way of the most beautiful, best sounding lies?