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Death row inmate speaks about the moment he found out about halt of his execution

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  1. i am so glad he got the stay, the DP does not sop crime one bit

    1. ​@mdskydive 7We, human beings, and especially our government shouldn’t be in the revenge business. The death penalty is used because they claim it is a deterrent to murder, but it’s been proven to not be. It costs tax payers much more money than a life sentence. Most importantly, it is a fact that so many innocent people have been executed. We don’t always get it right. It is not worth murdering 1 innocent person just to murder 1 guilty one.

    2. @mdskydive 7 it’s meant to be the grandest of deterrents, but the reality is it does nothing for the crime rate.

    3. @I Laser I agree. Very little of any law or punitive system is an effective deterrent, at least I believe so. Sure it may keep some folks from some crimes, but as we see crime is still rampant.

    1. He’s almost certainly innocent, just read into this case. Shocking actually

    1. I think the guy reckons he is innocent and this has been around the 9th time he was due to be killed by the state but again gets a stay on the execution /state sanctioned murder

  2. I don’t support the death penalty. Two wrongs don’t make a right. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”.

    1. The lord is the reason the death penalty exists unfortunately humans are still believing in fairy tales like christ been this way since the catholics created the penitentiary.😢

    2. ​@O.g. BloodbathThere is nothing wrong with having a penitentiary unless you had rather have criminals commit acts of crime with no accountability. You’re wrong about the Catholics though. In 1790, Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia (built in 1773, but expanded later under a state act) was built by the Quakers and was the first institution in the United States designed to punish and rehabilitate criminals. It is considered the birthplace of the modern prison system.

    3. In South Africa we dont have the death penalty, but have you ever seen the state of prison cells, the cells are dirty and over crowded, and youre never safe in there, if you dont participate in any one of a gang you need to pay off gang members to keep you safe, search South africa prisons to see the brutality in jails, the gangsters runs the prison unfortunately not the wardens

  3. Life sentences with hard labor for heinous crimes are better than State sanctioned killings.

    1. They don’t do hard labor any more. They get tablets so they can have fb pages and watch movies listen to music. They get commissary. They get to watch TV and have visitors.

    2. @Sybil yea that’s the way it is where I work. Except I don’t think they have facebook.

  4. The last person executed in Australia was later found to be innocent.

    1. @Jared BurgessI agree. I’ve been on the fence with the death penalty for these reasons most of my life. Ive mostly come to only the most evil people who are 100% guilty and everyone can see.

    2. Man this guy is in Oklahoma in the US not Australia. What does that have to do with this case? Really random

    3. When was Ryan “found” to be innocent? It is widely claimed that he was innocent (of murder), but that’s not the same thing at all. The only formal finding ever made in his case was _guilty._

    4. Australia judicial system is horrible. I have seen plenty of cases where murderers do a few years and they are out. Horrible.

    1. A peson who admitted to killing their boss had a deal to testify against this guy so he should get life intead of the death penalty

  5. How do u deal with a murderer who kills ur close relative?
    Hard to comprehend

    1. If they killed a loved one of mine, I would love to see it happen to them the same way they would do to the victim.

  6. I’ve read about this case, and, there’s a good chance this guy is innocent.

    1. What was he accused of? I don’t know anything about him or what he supposedly did.

    2. @Ruth Cavanagh It’s been awhile since I read about it, however, he’s accused of hiring a hitman to kill his boss. The witnesses have recanted, and, Oklahoma is known for shady dealings from the police. He should get a new trial.

    3. I just read a quick synopsis, wow what a roller coaster ride!#@!

  7. I don’t believe I could ever kill anyone. That being said I don’t believe I could ever condemn anyone to death.

    1. I could not kill anyone either.
      And I could not take anyone life.

    2. @Cornpop Oh yeah of course pysically. Or my family or close friend.

    3. @String Bender 3 I figured. Never know though, i’ve heard people say they couldn’t period no matter what which is just baffling to me

  8. If there is cut and dry evidence showing the person committed murder for no good reason and are found guilty, they need to be driven from court to dinner, fed a lead pill for desert to help them sleep and then on to the morgue. The cost is too much as well as the victim loses any peace of mind as time goes on people forget what happened and death row convicted killers end up sitting around living the life, Death Row is like a vacation compared to regular prisons. Also, it might have others think about killing someone if we did eye for an eye in indisputable cases.

  9. Im not saying if this Fella is Guilty or innocent, for im not a judge nor have I got enough info on the case. But I have been to prison, on Drinking & Driving Charges, no accidents, and you Would Not Believe How Many innocent, I mean Truly Innocent, people are found guilty and sentenced. All because the law enforcement at whatever town USA, Needs Someone to convict Quickly.

    1. Just watched the news about a Louisiana man who was charged and detained 72 hours. The video of the guy who actually did it looks nothing like the man accused. The innocent man was home watching the Superbowl and his home security cameras showed that (he looks nothing like the one who did the crime), and the time on his video shows that he was home at the exact time the crime took place. Just another day in the history of Lousy-ana law. Now he’s being sued by the homeowner’s association for a crime he’s totally innocent of, with clear cut evidence. The cop who arrested him had previous misconduct behaviors, more than once, in his history as a cop.

  10. What is he accused of doing? Is he innocent? This article doesn’t really give any information!

    1. Hes accused of murder.
      Its unknown if hes innocent but new evidence suggests he is

  11. Oddly, when the murderer ordered Barry beaten to death to cover up the murderer’s embezzlement, the murderer did not halt the murder.

  12. There are innocent people in prison and we have even exercuted innocent people proven fact

  13. either way… he would still be able to vote democrat a live or dead.