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‘Difficult to say with a straight face’: Tapper reacts to Fox News’ statement on settlement

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  1. To quote Donald Trump from 2016, “only loser settle”.

    1. “You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” Trump told the crowd at an Iowa rally in September 2016.

    2. @mark I’m pretty sure that there were other similar statements he has made since.

  2. Maybe “High” journalistic standards mean “High” as they were self medicating.

    Maybe they should say commitment to “High As Hell” Journalistic standards

    1. I think they’re too boring to be high, although it could be on alcohol or even legally prescribed prescription drugs. But in my opinion, they’re just a lying bunch of creeps.

    1. ​@online menace why just spread such an obviously false lie?

  3. No, Sir

    We are not laughing at you

    We are laughing with you.

  4. Disappointing. FOX needed to be held accountable monetarily AND public apologies for knowingly lying!

    1. ​​@David Rosenauet overself! None of the people or entities you mention is known for deliberately lying. If they were, why hasn’t anyone brought a lawsuit against them?

    2. ​@Larry DigangiCan’t you think of anything more intelligent to say than making fun of someone’s looks? Dude, that’s grade school behavior! Grow up.

    3. @David Rosenau
      Please tell us about this list that goes on!?🤔
      … And there’s just one more thing ☝️
      And did you by any chance happen to learn this from the faux channel?🤔
      I may be mistaken but I have a strong sneaking suspicion that haunts me?🕵️

  5. “Highest journalistic standards”! I’m surprised anyone at Fox News could make that statement with a straight face!!💯🗑️

    1. They arent. They’re laughing and spitting our faces the entire time 🤦🏽‍♂️

    2. they used ai chatbot to write it and after much convincing the bot spat out that.

    3. I’d think it was easy given how accustomed they are to lying.

  6. This a total disgrace!!!.unfoxmycablebox and ask your cable provider to remove the fees that goes to Fox wether you watch Fox or not

  7. Ethically I think breaking into a murdered girl’s cellphone was the worse. This is the second most embarrassing thing for them.

  8. Laughing at that BS statement is totally appropriate

  9. Mr. tapper, don’t you know you don’t have to give professional courtesy, to those pseudo journalists who have no professionalism.

  10. In addition they should have made Fox drop news from their name.

    1. Can’t the FTC go after them for that? It’s false advertising. It’s an unequivocal violation of the Fair Trade Act to knowingly misrepresent your product.

  11. Part of the settlement should have been all those fox hosts apologize right on the air.Every effing one of them.

    1. Take a look at the latest set of Fox News’ opinion show hosts YT videos. No mention of the leading news story around the world. Apologies for recommending Fox content, but their tactics are unsurprising.

    2. I’m actually pretty pissec THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE TO ADMIT WHAT THEY DID.
      I promise I’m among people that do not think this is true and Fox hasn’t said a word

  12. Tapper is a true professional. He held it together under insanely difficult conditions.

    1. @Susan Tang come on Karen, don’t give up so soon. I’m just starting to have fun at your expense

    2. ​@John B what’s wrong John? Did the facts hurt your poor wittle feelings again?

    3. @Michael Smythe please educate me on the “facts” I could use a good laugh. I doubt you BOTS could ever educate anyone

  13. I would have preferred the acrimony of a divisive trial, and revoking Fox “News” broadcasting license.

  14. CNN: From now, refer to FOX solely as FOX. Not FOX News. Thank you.

  15. Fox got a slap on the hand. 780million isn’t much for a company with 4 billion. It’s disgusting, and won’t stop them.

    1. It’s a third of what that company made last year, so a bit more than a slap I would say.

    2. They’ll be paying a similar amount to SmartMatic as well…

    3. Murdoch and all his evil works get to continue the lies.

  16. Thank you Jake. Call this BS what it is and ridicule it as it deserves.

  17. This settlement needs to have Fox TV hosts apologize and admit that the election was not stolen.