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Elephant Man Mourns Boom Dandimite, Responds To Bounty Killer Diss

Dancehall veteran Elephant Man says he’s ignoring Bounty Killer’s crass remarks about his lack of public reaction to the death of his Scare Dem Crew compatriot, Boom Dandimite.

Earlier this week, Bounty Killer shared several photos and videos of him attending Boom Dandimite’s mother, Mama Cherry’s 70th birthday party. Beenie Man, Queen Ifrica, and several other artists showed up at the event.

Bounty Killer also shared an emotional tribute to Boom Dandimite along with a throwback of the Scare Dem Crew before they launched out into successful solo careers. It seems that the Grung Gad was upset that Elephant Man had not publicly reacted or attended the event, which also celebrated the life of Dandimite.

A comment by a fan drew an acidic response from Bounty. “Killa stay strong, I can’t believe humans can’t forgive and forget. Elephant can’t even send condolence regardless of what happened back then,” a commenter reacted to the throwback video.

“Elephant is a real animal,” Bounty Killer said.

He continued to bash the artiste, writing, “miss Yvonne died his mom, and he did not say rip no feelings no emotions, ask his kids ntn surprising wicked youth u reap whatever u sow though he’s gonna reap all that he sowed just like all of us god not sleeping [if] boom never bring me a studio Ele couldn’t buss hope he remembered,” Bounty said.


Elephant Man has not publicly reacted to Killer’s remarks, but in a Jamaica Observer article, he revealed that he is the Godfather of Dandimite’s two children and that he has also been in Canada, where he is touring.

“Mi nah embrace negativity,” the artiste was quoted by the newspaper.

Elephant Man added that he has been grieving and was shaken up by the loss of his good friend.

“How man fi no hurt from Dandmite dead? How man fi no mash up? How this fi no shook man? Memba mi hear say Dandimite crash and good and then all of a sudden, man hear say Dandimite dead, this no muss jerk up man wicked, wah yu a talk bout bredda?” a hurt Elephant Man said.

The artiste also said his presence on social media has been limited because he doesn’t live in the space.

Elephant Man, Dandimite, Harry Toddler, and Nitty Kutchie all formed the Scare Dem Crew in the 90s. The artists were friends before Bounty Killer came into the picture, and after Bounty experienced success, he ensured that the Crew toured and got attention to the point where all of the artistes were able to launch successful solo careers.

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Their hits include songs like “Many Many,” “Pure Gal,” “Badman Nuh Dress Like Girl,” and many others.

Elephant Man says he has been in touch with Dandimite’s closest family members, who are all grieving the immense loss.

“Dandimite passing hurt me so bad, mi de pon the phone with the man sister, him bredda, him daughter, him baby mother, him father and to how this shook everybody.”

He also revealed that since his accident in early April, he has been in touch with Dandimite’s family and was shocked when dancehall heavyweight Sharon Burke called to tell him that Boom was in a coma after arriving in the United States on Saturday. He recalled that Papa San had been praying for his recovery, but sadly the artiste passed away on Sunday morning.

He added that he and Dandimite came a far way through many struggles and appeared to take a jab at Bounty Killer, whom he accused of trying to make himself look good in a bad situation by seeking “hype” off of Dandimite’s death.

“It shook man, and ray, so mi no haffi come talk nothing, Dandimite ah mi bredda, we write song, we travel together, mi de a foreign and mi sleep a Boom yard,” he said adding that he prayed for Boom’s soul.