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‘Everyone just kind of moves on’: Mass shooting survivors reflect on life after public outrage

Whatever you’re going through wake up everyday and say you’re thankful and gratitude for what you have and what you don’t……. if you need to read the Bible, the Quran, Buddhism or any other thing that will help you connect to source then do that….. there’s not one fit for everybody because we are all different in many ways as much as we are the same….. make sure you have a daily regimen and practices that help keep your battery charged up……. sometimes people can help us out and also we should not rely on others to do this it’s not their responsibility it’s ours…….. find the things that bring us joy it’s different for all of us…. find the things that Empower us……. change grow and evolve into a better version of ourselves everyday with being mindful on any habits are patterns that do not service in positive ways……. prayers to all of us in the world🙏💛

And also no matter what you believe in politically etc make sure you have emergency food short-term in long-term, medication, maybe some camping gear, make sure your car gas tank is always filled up if you have one and ways to protect you and your family if things go Haywire 🙏