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Ex-CIA chief: Another Trump presidency would be ‘dangerous for the world’

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  1. Panetta’s warning about another DJT presidency is well understood by most Americans but it’s valuable to be reminded of the threat by prominent, knowledgeable people.

    1. @tixximmi1 no need to go there, Russian soldiers are dying just fine on their own 🤣

    1. We are losing our democracy because of this current administration.

    2. @mobilizing trunalimunumaprzure – I fully agree with you. Sometimes you have to get down to their level for them to understand stuff. If they get to excited, I just tell them to get a bowl of crickets and relax.

    3. @kelperdude peace and prosperity ~Captain Kirk… I think… I don’t know my star trek that good but I know it was to portray political opposition without talking about the news. How convenient that space problems are the same as Earth problems. 🌎

  2. 100 % it would ,and they got the ppl believing one thing so trump & company, could do what they really want!

  3. Great interview. Panetta ringing the alarm bell. Hope the majority of the American people will understand what´s at stake.

    1. @Harry Dehnhardt 👈. Some people will always cry and whine

  4. Many of our people don’t care about whats going on in the world but nowadays situation is shifting and the possibility of world war hasn’t been this high in 70 years.Even if US watched on the side lines like Trump would make us do we still wouldn’t be able to avoid being involved in the war. Just take micro chip situation with Taiwan as an example.

  5. “Totally agree! Trump is such a threat to the entire world. That’s probably why world leaders were cautious about making any bold moves during his presidency. It was just too risky.”😂😂😂

  6. Start asking U.S. allies how they would respond to the possibility of another Trump term following some of his statements at C-PAC.

  7. It’s embarrassing enough that American ever voted for this criminal into office, but to do it again would be complete madness.

  8. What’s scary, beyond Trump getting re-elected, is what kind of relationship with Putin he would have.

  9. Jim deserves a Pulitzer Prise for his perfect journalistic performance. He’s flawless, courageous, cantankerous and gorgeous. As a journalist myself, I would be honored to meet him and have lunch with him. What a MAN!

  10. Their are 8 billion of us so you can easily see where their paranoia stems from

  11. If “leadership” simply means misleadership, it might be better to abandon it.