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Former GOP lawmaker calls this move by McCarthy ‘despicable’

  • @missed shot You forgot the rest, our long time “friend” who sunk the USS Liberty, who takes us for Billions every year, who spies on use and steals secrets ( several convicted Israeli spies stayed in our prisons), Who produce software to evade our laws, Etc….
    Is here proposing a conspiracy theory any worse then ANY republican in the past 10 years? The ones who use blood libel memes to encourage the racist and anti Semites?
    Pfft Omar just talked without thinking and walked it back. How many republicans have walked back the big lie of trump? blaming jews/gays/mexicans/etc for all of our problems? not a one that is still in office.

    As for Schiff? tell me how he lied to get elected? Tell me how he completely faked his ENTIRE persona to gain sympathy.
    Why wasn’t Swalwell charged if he committed crimes…because there was never any allegation of him giving anything to the spy…rather when they contacted him he cooperated…But I know that does not fit your narrative, so you conveniently forget reality.

    Nothing you have claimed can be backed up, but everything santos has said can and HAS ALREADY been proven to be a lie. Sorry, reality wins bud.