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GOP strategist alleges ACU chairman Matt Schlapp sexually assaulted him

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  1. Why do the “Dirty Matts” register with the Republican party?

    1. What appears to have happened would be just as wrong if it was a Democrat. It’s the closeted people you have to worry about.

    2. @Ken Nielsen why invoke the d
      Democratics with regards to this issue?

      I would ask, which party would you trust to support the victim in this circumstance?

  2. Anyone who calls your phone and leaves a message saying “Can you see it in your heart” is guilty.

    1. @Atlantafied
      Mee Maw grandma?
      You’re very old grandma.
      Didn’t know social security provided Lambda workstations and mainframes grandma?
      Guess you live at a trailer park with an extension cord to the one and only lamppost in your area. 👴

    2. @Damien Haydon Relax take your medication which is desperately due & go lay down . That way you be safe to you self & to other people close by

    3. “Can you see it in your heart to not tell my mom I kissed a black guy?”

      Uh huh. Not guilty, just persecuted.

  3. Why is it in todays world only the rich and powerful get to deny and lie with little to no consequences? Rich people have an obviously unfair advantage.

    1. It’s not only today. You are naïve as hell. Learn a bit pf history!

    2. Yes they do and always’s called JUST US! Don’t mistake it for Justice😉👍🏼

    3. Manifest Destiny of colonizing devils has left us in the hell in which we exist.

  4. So a guy from the party on family values is being accused of sexual misconduct. Makes sense

    1. Oh Jimmy boy knew … he admitted it!!
      He saw it happen a couple of times and said NOTHING until the victims came forward. They testified Jim was there and he admitted it but he NEVER turned the coach in!! Not once!!

    2. I knew that guy was Gay!!! It’s so obvious. A lot of Christian conservatives are in the closet. Remember Teg Haggard! He had a wife and 3 kids and was caught with a gay prostitute and drugs!

      What about Michelle Bachmans husband, he is GAY AF!!!

    3. The “family values” thing is nothing but a ruse. A heart teaser for idiots. A political stunt.

    4. @kay armstrong
      “…Schlapp is married to a woman.”
      She’s a beard.
      Schlapp is a gay and by Christian Taliban rules he cannot be GQP anymore.😢

    5. @kay armstrong There are 56 exceptions to the prohibition against hearsay.
      Name five of them please.

  5. I have always thought that Matt Schlapp looks and acts like a Baptist Preacher.

    1. Just because the Catholics take first prize in the most sexual assault sweep stakes doesn’t mean the other religions don’t do it to. The royal commission into institutional child sexual assault in Australia proved that ALL religious organisations have been responsible for child sexual assaults and never reported the crimes so as to protect their organisations reputation

      There’s no such thing as a christian. If you can sit your arse down inside a church that you know allowed child sexual assault to go unchecked you’re just as corrupt as they are.

    2. Right Looks like That Pimp preacher Jesse Duplantis from Louisiana.

  6. I was surprised the Walker campaign backed up the staffer. I’m no fan of Walker, but good for them!

    1. Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    2. The guy has receipts on them as well. Don’t deny something if you know the truth will come out in court.

  7. There is no way this is the first time Schlapp did something like this. Where are all the other young guys who got the 👐?

    1. Who do you think invited and drove Matty Cawthorn to all those parties?

    2. Funny how a man can’t express affections for another man without A, it being treated like this pile of bs, and B, without tardos like you assuming there were any “young guys” involved. Clearly guy’s into older, not younger, and quite frankly it’s no one else’s business

    3. @lulu in hollywood Because being secretly gay and into older men is incriminating? RIGHT, for the GQP it must be

    4. @rubin831 Not really. Me Too was a bunch of women hopping on bandwangons for fame, none of it was actually real.

  8. Seriously, this is common with Repub reps. Closet types until they’re “exposed”,, lol

  9. The party of family values and throwing stones from their high horse caught in another scandal.

    1. “throwing stones from their high horse” I do so love a juicy mixed metaphor

    2. @Christopher Oliver Huh. Metaphor? This isn’t a metaphor.

  10. Although he’s totally ruined his reputation he’ll always be welcome as a contributor on Fox News.

    1. @Mark Hunter You ever masturbate in a telephone booth?

  11. Just love these all so moral republicans, what a bunch of friggin hypocrites.

    1. @kay armstrongWhat’s your point? Anyone can be hypocritical religion has no bearing. ☮️

    2. Yes, because while being gay is hypocritical for the GQP, it’s also just generally immoral, eh? Bigot.

  12. Schlapp, the embodiment of Conservative values and morals. Ahhh ha ha 😂😂😂If these allegations are true, there’ll be others with similar stories coming forward soon.

  13. I SALUTE any men or boys who come forward and speak out against any sexual harrassment, violations or rape they have endured at the hands of power-lustful evil MEN or women.

    1. I dread to think how a Russian spy could level kompromat against a powerful politician with incidents like this now or in someone’s past. Putin could use it, with enough party members under his control, or a few at the top, to stop the US from helping defend Ukraine.

    2. You mean men or WOMEN, not MEN or women, and the caveat is that if a boy likes another boy, that’s not the same as sexual assault or rape. No one should have to fear who they are because their affection could be misconstrued as such vulgarity.

    3. @Riçe Experiment Unless they’re men, in which case no, those days unfortunately continue

  14. Believe survivors! We’re proud of the driver for speaking up. Believe survivors!

  15. I’m not surprised and I’ll bet you this isn’t the first time he did this, he needs to be locked up, he got drunk and the real Matt showed up creep.

  16. This is the hypocrisy that makes me see red! When the people holding you down, throwing you under the bus, and writing laws that vilify people, while they’re an actual sexual predator should appall anyone.

    1. @kay armstrong the complaint she made in 2020, during his campaign, about an alleged incident that happened 30 years ago?

  17. Absolutely not a fan of Hershel Walker, but kudos to him, or at least his campaign personnel, for backing up the “staffer”. Not an easy thing to do given the GOP party prominence of Matt Schlapp. Not that anything positive will come of this situation. I no longer have any faith in the GOP to ever do the right thing.

  18. When it comes to LGBTQ issues the GOP truly “doth protest too much”