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Gov’t Make Changes to Child Seat Requirement for PPV Vehicles | TVJ News

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  1. JLP / PNP all of them belong to the same almshouse, smh.

  2. That makes some sense, still needs to be revised as that should be implemented for personal vehicles and not public transportation

  3. All the years of shouting at political meetings have taken it’s toll on Audley Shaw’s voice.

    1. He needs to retire. Go home and rest. He’s way pass retirement age!

  4. They need to stop this madness they sit here and come up with all kind of laws yes safety is important so you’re telling me a cab driver have a car seat in his vehicle how many more people can he put in there to make a living I don’t see in the US no taxi operator is having a car seat in their vehicle The rules need to be fix teachers need to be paid nurses need to be paid the list goes on and on if you have your own vehicle yes you should be required to have a car seat in there not public transportation y’all sit here and lie in your pockets with our taxpayer money Spend millions of dollars on a sign in Montego bay but nobody really cares about to take a picture with it and that’s it you guys should be given these taxi operators a car seat since you wanted him to have a car seat in their vehicle you should provide that for them

    1. Hidden beauty only them alone know the use of money my dear not the taxi driver’s

  5. Something else coming we living in the last days all these things you see coming/happening it has to happen

  6. These laws are pointless for _public_ transport – period.
    And the best way to address public transport safety is enforce the laws already being flaunted.

  7. The childseat is a problem but the increases on fines is the elephant in the room not being talked about

    1. @Toya Williams yup, they totally played it that way

  8. This is what they get our money for,what they get pay for?

  9. People you see what can happened when we pull together and challenge the government, we can get anything we want has the people, the government fear us, look at them.

  10. Imagine what other issues we can get fix’s if we pull together and demand what we want?

  11. Why are they arguing whose fault it is? If that law was accepted, they all would own it! It was a faulty bill and they all need to own it because they all agreed upon it.

  12. SMH and KMT that should never have reached the public. Dem look small.

  13. Stupid look how long they have been drafting this bill and within 2 days of release they have to be reviewing it. Small people dem de.

  14. When the coasters full put Di seat dem Pon Di top. Market truck. SMH damm duppy dem.

  15. Never stop quarrels for power ship yet instead fix the problem

  16. The first legislation that should be put in place is requiring that all vehicles have functioning seat belts. Adequate public transportation and a school bus system should also be on the agenda for all major districts in Jamaica.

  17. Really these are the people that’s running Jamaica, omg,

  18. It don’t matter who start it,it’s who ENFORCING THIS CRAP!!!!!