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Head of private Russian army says he’s been ‘cut off’ by Putin

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  1. It’s wonderful watching things fall apart for terrible people 😇

    1. He looks like Mike Ehrmentraut from Breaking Bad 😀

    2. @C S relax kid.
      dont be mad at someone pointing out the obvious

  2. Yevgeny Prigozhin: Soon to be flying out of a skyscraper window 🤣🤣

    1. There are lot think prigozhin can do turn things around and fight Russia 👍💪

    2. @Dan Forster you think prigozhin will be the one that eliminate putler ????????

    3. Either him or it’s gonna be Putin flying from Kremlin tower

  3. Wagner was the only reason Russian had made it this far in the war. If the Wagner troops are gone, this war will be over within the year.

  4. Yo, dude, there’s some ammo over by that window.

    1. LoL, yeah… that window with the sign that says “defenistration station.”

    2. haha, thats funny. It is by the window marked, dont jump.

    3. Took me a second 😅

      “Would you like some tea while we wait for the ammo to be redirected?”

  5. Erin, Thank you for your continued coverage of the war. You are someone I trust with the truth.

    1. ​@nazzz so then why are you here watching? Just so you can critize?

  6. hard to believe the guy who constantly trash talks putin might have trouble getting ammunition from putin

    1. Yea he talks about shogun. Whatever his name is. Not putin but he’s bad mouthing the Russian army.

  7. Ukrainian citizen in March 2023: “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian citizen in March 2023 “I need an international passport and a ride, not an ammo!

    1. Bruh, 50% of Ukrainian population fleed their country 😂, obviously theyre the one whos in need of passports and ride lol !

    2. Actually it was President Zelensky himself that said that. It was said as a response to the U.S when they offered to evacuate him when the war started.

  8. If true then Bakhmut may become one of the most decisive military political battles in history. Imagine Wagner actually surrendering on mass due to having no weapons, just incredible..

    1. @Void Dog
      Not getting a lot of play, but Wagner and the Russian army are known to shoot at each other from time to time.

    2. @Void Dog Prigozhin wouldn’t do that… he depends on the Russian military for weapons & ammunitions supply.
      If he was to turn on the Russian military… he would be dead by the end of the week, and all his companies would become state’s property.

      Prigozhin wants to look good because he has political ambitions… the best he can do right now, is repeating how his “army” is the only one doing the job in Ukraine… how Russia’s military is not helping him… etc..

      Then, if there’s a counter-offensive from Ukraine around Bakhmut in the near future… if Wagner has to retreat… it’ll be Putin/Gerasimov/Shoigu’s fault.

    3. Wagner boss is getting too powerful. Might try to replace Pootin . That is why he is being ignored

  9. i am from Russia. Don’t be misled by this controversial issue, it might be just a fake for you to think that everything is falling apart. Criminals which they all are very often find the solution and resolving their problems one way or another, so no one thinks that they are becoming weak

    1. We should wait and see how this plays out. If nobody falls out of window then we know that it was all fake.

    1. @Boog Man It was rushed. Haha. I try to be as articulate as I possibly can be, and am very particular about my grammar and linguistics … Sorry. Lol.

    2. He could easily play Nosferatu that real life Monster

  10. Count down to him falling out from 18th floor’s window by “Accident”

    1. Or Ukraine captures him If he’s really hanging around bakhmut

  11. “He wasn’t cut off. It’s a special military disruption.” Putin

    1. Its fake news guy is not even the guy that’s speaking lol

    2. @Chris This is leading up to a palace coup by Prigozin. Or if he fails, a ‘Night of the Long Knives’ from Putler for Prigozin. Prigozin is trying to shore up public support for the coup by setting himself up as the aggrieved party, when it is clear that the entire Russian force is running low on artillery ammo.

    3. @regan dunn There’s been videos put out by Prigozin and Russian military bloggers have been spreading them. Cope much?

    4. @Rex Sceleratorum  I hope your right. But you’re definitely not right about the lack of artillery ammo on the Russian side. I’ve heard anywhere between 7 to 20 incoming vs 1 outgoing from the Ukrainians. Yeah might be more accurate on the Ukrainian side, but artillery is the biggest casualty producer on the battlefield, which makes me sincerely doubt the Ukrainian claimed 7:1 casualty ratio in Bakhmut. They don’t have enough shells to inflict that kind of differential, despite being dug in, pretty obviously.

  12. Remember the story of the snake? Huddled in a corner, a cold November day, a stranger pick the snake up and took him home, in a blanket by the fireplace he gave the snake milk and cookies. The next morning he went to check on the snake, the snake bit him, both had that astonished look on their, The stranger asked why did you bite me, the snake even more astonished simply said” I’m a snake what did you think I would do” Papa Wagner’s shelf life has expired, that’s why Putin is allowing his generals to do what they’re doing to him

  13. It is clear both sides don’t have enough ammo to make significant gains and it has been for a long time. We know why west is scarce for supplying UA (and it’s not the fear of escalation), we’ve known why RF doesn’t have any- simply run out. But the fact Putin is more scared of Wagner leader being extremely successful than loosing the war says a lot. Because it’s clear for a while he will loose, he can only choose which way to loose, and again just as with capital mistake to invade, him cutting off the only real army he had and thinking he will survive (politically and literally) is amazingly naive and stupid.
    But we want this stupidity, helps to win 😂

  14. imagine punishing your most sucessfull units in a war your losing.

    1. It’s hard to believe, might be jealousy or genuine ammo shortage or combo of both

    2. Imagine you thinking you’re winning while 30% of your country is occupied and Ukraine hasn’t gained 1 inch back in the last 2-3 months. So how you figure out Russia is losing I need a theory or something to change my mind.

    3. @Mike Pajic Last 2-3 months indeed. After Ukraine’s next offensive, I guess you can reset the counter and come back in another 2-3 months with the same narrative

  15. I’m very cautious about anything those thugs say. Maybe it’s all to lull the opposition in a false security and then surprise them with an attack drawing on hidden stashes of ammo.
    I think it’s best to assume them dangerous as long as they are aren’t safely proved dead.

  16. The Russian armed forces fighting over something as basic as AMMO is one of the best (and funniest) outcomes anyone could have hoped for!