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Here are the criminal investigations surrounding Trump

  • @jmgmarcus Pedo Masters is Boys Town Orphanage in Nebraska, where the Re-pedo-lican Orcs trafficked children under St. Reagan’s administration, and still do.

    Those who do nothing but project pedo all the time as the Re-Pedo-Lican Party of Orcs does, are definitely the ones doing what they project out of guilt, because it makes Gee Saws sad that Cult-45 is an in-bred ped cult that follows a Blood/Water Magic Human Sacrifice Cult, that preps and grooms its members for their endochrome infusions by first getting them used to the idea of being comfortable with the thought of pretending drink human blood and eat human meat.

    I mean hey, let’s all just start making sh t up and spinning things like the Orcs do, we all should just start playing their silly game.