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Inside the Paltrow trial deliberations

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  1. Great insight. I’m glad they all agreed right off the bat that Terry Sanderson is a money-hungry liar.

  2. Приятно видеть людей с улыбкой на лице 👍 вы прекрасны🌹🌹🌹 ✌

    1. Обе страшные как жизнь Джорджа Флойда, задушенного местной полицейской братвой.

  3. KFC lawyers giving Elaine bredhoft a run for her money lol

  4. Why do people think the female attorney was exhibiting star-struck behavior? She was being sarcastic and low-key condescending towards Gwyneth.

  5. As an Indian, I am deeply concerned about democratic rights in USA

  6. These two people were the most dislikable people in the room. Never felt anything about Gwyneth, only saw her in movies. But now I can’t un-see what an arrogant woman she is.

  7. I’m thinking he purposely ran into her because he was looking to run into anyone looking for lawsuit but did he know it was her ? I’m thinking probably not but he figured people that ski have money or if their poor I’ll take it to court making them get that money, it seems he loved to spend money because he traveled and I’m also thinking he needed extra money to go on new adventures and financially recover from his high spending habits so he desperately needed a lawsuit. He could of spotted Paltrow at the resort keeping an eye on her and immediately started plotting to run into her. May god heal him from his health issues and may he break that habit of plotting on innocent people to get lawsuits rolling. Like I said yesterday he basically crashed into a bank and blamed the bank but then I feel Paltrow added false psychological trauma that she felt she was being sexually assaulted in order not to lose because how I see it she didn’t need to because she was innocent and would of won the case either way. Unless she did think that and if she did then my apologies, because if she felt something hitting her from behind in a dark alley then she could assume she was being attacked but at a ski resort where people are skiing you would immediately think someone ran into you not sexually assaulting you. She didn’t need to psychologically nor emotionally defend herself in such a horrible way in order to win when she knew he would lose. He was being dishonest to win and she was being dishonest not to lose but she didn’t need to. I’m glad everything worked out for her 🙏🏽👑

    1. I does not make sense for anybody remotely intelligent to run into anybody deliberately like that. He broke 4 ribs in the accident and had a concussion. But somebody could have easily broke their neck or back. And it could have been her, and he could be the one in trouble. Also the run is so dynamic with people appearing and disappearing.
      Nor it makes any sense to post pictures on facebook if you plan to sue somebody.
      Finally, she wore a mask and did everything to be deliberately unidentifiable, and he tried to sue Deer Valley first.

  8. Terry Sanderson had horrible, incompetent lawyers. That didn’t help 🤭

  9. ‘Inside something that has zero significance because the administration and policies we pushed have not led to a pleasant situation’

  10. Good subject: There are millions homeless, millions dying of overdose, everybody is nearly broke, HOWEVER, it’s more important to glorify Gwyneth’s innocence.

    Is this actually a real, or am I dreaming this?

  11. I think people that went at Gwyneth saying “oh darn she missed a half a day of skiing with eyerolls”

    In her defense, this guy made a circus the last 7yrs. Hes claiming severe injuries. To her, he slammed into her back and jarred her, she was sore, paid 10k for her and her family to skii for the day and he ruined half of her day by that. It seems petty compared to his “supposed” injuries but she is only up there saying she missed that half a day because he drug her into court. I didn’t take a snooty one bit.

  12. CNN doing great journalism as always. Forget the climate crisis, Cop City being built, fascism on the rise in the US, the East Palestine disaster.. Let’s talk about Gwyneth.

  13. The plaintiff who says he doesn’t like actors just gave her free publicity.

  14. Was the jury infatuated with the actress, and made the wrong decision? Remember, Paltrow is a “Trained, Professional Actress” skilled at getting people to like her…

  15. As an Indian citizen, I am highly concerned about collapse of democracy in the US.😢

  16. Well done to Gwyneth for winning her case where there was no proof she caused his injuries 👍