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‘It’s the extremism, stupid’: Analyst weighs political effects of abortion pill ruling

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  1. perhaps those without medical licenses should defer to those who do when making medical decisions.

    1. Fascists have always had disdain for intellectualism.

  2. Never for second think the forced birthers aren’t working towards getting rid of access to contraception next. SB 2709 was filed in Texas in Feb and they’ve been working towards seriously restricting access to birth control in other states


    1. Life begins at conception. Any other definition is based on the convenience that you’re not the one being killed

    2. @S Medrano You are right, but your leg is alive, as is your heart or your arm. A fetus is no different from any other living organism until it can survive outside of the womb. Try reading the Bible. In the Bible, a baby doesn’t get a soul until God gives it it’s first breath. So if your comment is meant to support abortion ban, then you are wrong. If a new life is able to survive outside of the womb and is healthy it should not be aborted. I support limitations but not a ban.

  3. The same people wanting all this to be illegal are against free lunches for kids in schools 😒😒😒

    1. @Brien Doyle you could not be more god awfully wrong. As if the dude you’re replying to took every knowingly false headline and said “here’s the truth”

    2. @Mindless : By all means enlighten me then how I am god awfully wrong.

    3. Why do I have to pay for it. Pay for your own kids.

  4. Excuse me,..
    Since when does the Supreme Court 🤔
    Make Laws ?

    1. They make laws….enforceable, and let’s face it while the balance of the Justices remains out of kilter all laws extreme or not will be rubber stamped.

    2. @Gary Suplee I mean irrevocable ruin if allowed to run off the rails.

  5. If the “unborn human” has a soul, surely it’ll go straight to heaven. I can’t see any big problems with that. I would’ve thanked my biological mother if she had sent me straight to heaven rather than forcing me to suffer through this world of sickness and heartache.

    1. Anyone who murders and unborn soul won’t join them in heaven. Think about that.

    2. @NNShephard I’m saying sending me straight to heaven wouldn’t have been murder. It would have been the greatest thing ever to happen to me. Imagine it! Sitting at the same table as Our Lord all these years, instead of in hospitals and divorce courts and all the rest of it. What would you choose?

    3. @Unstable Genius How does Jesus define Satan and those who do his bidding?

  6. I really like and appreciate having John Avalon and his wife on lots of news segments. I would like to see them more. 😊

    1. ​@Zéro John Avalon is seen more on CNN, but now that Margaret Hoover joined CNN they are often seen together.

    2. For future reference, saying John and his wife makes it sound like she has less value as a person. How about “I really like and appreciate having John and Margaret on lots of news segments.”

    3. ​@David Dushane I don’t recognize Margaret and I didn’t know they were married. No one is making her sound like she has less value than John. But your proposed alternative comment would have had zero value to me.

  7. Women,
    You have the numbers. Do something with them! It’s long past time to talk. It’s time for you to act! Good men will have your backs.

    1. I think the majority of men and women value a childs life more than they dislike the inconvenience of having to take responsibility for their actions.

  8. Since when do courts decide which drugs are legal/illegal? I thought they just enforce drugs that are restricted.

    1. @S Medrano The drugs you mentioned are covered by the the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Additions to or removal from this list are controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services or by petition from interested parties. The courts have no part in it.

    2. @S Medrano No they don’t…Two federal agencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), determine which substances are added to or removed from the various schedules, although the statute passed by Congress created the initial listing.

    3. The judge pulled FDA approval cuz he thinks his junk science quoted in his absurd decision is better than that of physicians and scientists. It sucks!

  9. It’s not just one issue, it’s the entire GQP and its constituents. The rest of our country and voters are simply puking sick of what the Republican party and its voters have mutated into.

    1. You can thank them for their extremism by voting blue down the line I every election

  10. Door shutting in Trumps face, because he walks around expecting someone else to open it-

    1. And he sauntered in like a gunslinger in an Old West saloon.

  11. I keep repeating “The Handmaids Tale” is suppose to be a Warning NOT a How To Guide for the GOP.

    1. And they’re trying to ban that too! I wonder why they wouldn’t want people reading that book

  12. These government officials are supposed to be there for the people in our building by the people the people pay their salaries, and in the last six years, I haven’t seen Republicans do one thing for this country that makes it better. It’s all about the ego trips and power

  13. At what point are we going to start making a list of these self appointed moral arbiters and document every count of their tyranny? Its time to treat every one of these acts as a crime right up to the moment we make them crimes.

  14. I think the crucial part of this story was when their questions were disallowed, when they kept trying, their microphones were turned off! Who began, and escalated, the confrontation? I saw the Speaker as the inciter of the incident. Expel him!

    1. Each played a part. They should’ve handled it like adults.

  15. Great segment.

    Such a interesting loving couple. I hope to find authentic love someday.

    ps Dax and Kristen are so pre-Covid.