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Jared Kushner described former White House counsel threats to quit as ‘whining’

Jared Kushner described former White House counsel threats to quit as 'whining' 1

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  1. Every Congress person who broke their oath that day should be removed from office, and SOON.

    1. When do we vote in November? That’s the only way it will happen.

  2. Patriotism is when you can look at your “own” and say “woah… you’re in the wrong here”

    1. @BigMama Oh do enlighten us all as to how you know for a fact that she is in the wrong. Please explain, we are all waiting with baited breath for your illuminating insight.🤦

    2. @BigMama Why do you say that? The only oath is to the Constitution. No loyalty to a person supersedes that oath.

    3. @BigMama About which specific thing–it was a 2 hour deal and I listened to all of it.

    4. Cough FBI involvement. Waiting for someone to look into Ray Epps

  3. Follow the latest on the January 6 hearings as they happen

    1. @David C the peaceful transfer of power in a republic was threatened by political Allies of the leader that refused to step aside for the winner of the election on Jan 6th. A Saudi orchestrated 911. Which foreign country did Trump visit when he first became president?

  4. The irony of a MAGAt accusing others of whining is not lost on us.

    1. By the way my pillow guy I’ve noticed you have over 1000 comments since you’ve subscribed which isn’t much longer than me and I’ve got 80 what the hell do you do spend all your time on the Internet? I have been a little bit busy with work and then Covid and then my wife dying of cancer and then trying to make a life out of what’s left but still I feel like I spend way too fucking much time making comments why over 1000 comments I mean seriously… I got to ask…?

  5. Did kushner say that he was busy working on pardon’s? Shouldn’t that be a news story of great importance?

    1. @Sarge S I’m pretty sure that was payment for coverups.

    2. @BigMama that’s a desperate attempt to show Cheney as desperate.

    3. Well, it was within his jurisdiction if Trump handed it to him, unfirtunately. He’s no dummy. He also has a lawyer right beside him.

    4. ​@BigMama when did you break the scale baby doll?

    5. In fact, do not forget that his own father was given a pardon. Certainly did a lot of work on his father’s behalf. Trying to get as many pardons done as possible.!!! Pardons should be a recognition that justice was not served, wrongs are being righted and exceptional people are pardoned having shown that they are far better people after the fact than they were when condemned. Trump took pardons to a level where from now on pardons should be given only after extensive overview and not because a President wants to protect his enablers from turning on him/her.

  6. When talking about officer Edwards getting up over and over again, George Conway said “this is the difference between dedication to duty and dereliction of duty”.

    1. @Cindy Pomerleau I don’t know. Maybe because it’s cheaper to keep her?

    2. @Cecilia Lamson You don’t have to tell me. I know firsthand. Worth evey penny.

    3. She is very wealthy in her own right at this point. One scary bit**.

  7. Man reliving everything that went on seriously had be shedding tears it was so damm sad

    1. I was also shedding tears…Watching all those deplorable people try to subvert the transfer of power is one of the most traumatic day of my life! I made sure that my high school age nephew and niece watched today’s hearing. They are our future voters and must understand how power hungry thugs are actively working to destroy our fragile democracy by using divisive rhetoric…Their fear and hate mongering will succeed only if we let it!

    2. @Rosie Tell them they’re living in ‘interesting times’. This is their generations’ Watergate. This is what happens when criminals infest our Republic, and the People must wrest back power from them. This is when the power of the VOTE becomes most important. The power of ALL the People, not just a lawless few, have a crucial role in demanding the very best of their government.

  8. Everything Jared hears and everything Jared says sounds like whining.

    1. Honestly just the sleazy look of him makes me think every word from him would be whining.

    2. @gary weightman I appreciate you play for the other team but Jared is a weasel.

  9. When your staff threatens to quit ‘en masse’ you take it seriously. You could tell he didn’t believe what he was saying by his uncomfortable stance while answering. He’s not that good at lying.


  10. It can’t possibly be made any clearer ?
    I really hope Liz Cheney’s security detail is always on their TOES !

  11. It’s not Kushner’s dismissive response to impending group resignations that gives one chills, it’s the fact he closed with “to be honest with you.”

    1. Of course. But to me it goes beyond his incompetence. Evil is there.

  12. All involved that work for the government should be held accountable and never work in government again

  13. I will not be satisfied until that smirking criminal Kushner is in prison.

    1. @Danny Archer If Uncle Donnie stroked out tomorrow I would consider that an early Christmas present.

    2. @patteraj Like, at least several Christmases worth of gifts, actually.

    3. Fortunately no ones cares what satisfies you. 🙂 I understand why democracy is on the decline in America tho.

    4. @Danny Archer The Orange Snot Goblin is gonna look great in a Orange Jumpsuit.

    5. @Danny Archer Just the opposite, most want him gone, locked and forgotten.

  14. I laughed out loud when I heard Kirchner claim he thought they were whiners. Not that they were right and what Trump was doing was possibly illegal and at best immoral. I mean what would White House counsel know about legality right? Whiners.

  15. I had to play this back to get all that Mr Kushner was saying… “my interest at that time was trying to get as many PARDONS done….I just took it up to be whining”. His behavior is abhorrent.

  16. It’s staggering that Kushner began by saying he was “busy getting pardons”. Why? Why were you so busy getting pardons for people unless they were involved in criminal activities?

    1. Crime and grift was the norm in the Trump administration

    2. It’s perfectly legal gor a president to give pardons and he can relegate that to anyone he wishes. But that power was never meant to be abused by a criminal president. What a mess.

  17. Extra kudos to every Republican on this committee. Willing to stand against the rest of their party who are willing to sell themselves to a dictator for the votes.

  18. As an observer from New Zealand, I am of the position that the response from Mr Kushner demonstrates a genuine lack of care and depth of commitment to the United States of America’s Constitution, America herself, and her people, but all about self, self-gain, and self-preservation. We need a strong America, God Bless America.

    1. @Danny Archer No crime mentioned or infered, just character and approach.

    2. Thank you for being honest about where you’re from. These comments are full of those from a certain country who love to claim they’re Americans as they comment. They think we can’t pick them out. I can respect your opinion & embrace it as you are honest.

  19. The arrogant, smug mocking response of Kushner reveals his true demeanor.

    1. @PxDemaR I’m sure Jared’s daddy was smug before he went to prison. Will smug Jr meet the same fate?

  20. I’m not usually on the same political page as Liz Cheney but I have to say her loyalty to oath and nation during the January 6 inquiry is very impressive. Her presentation in tonight’s hearing was excellent.

    1. @Paul van Nieuwenhuyzen that’s her dad?????????????????

    2. Hopefully she can start an invasion of a third world country soon so she can get a gig with the military industrial complex after politics.

    3. @Paul van Nieuwenhuyzen I thought Iraq wasn’t letting in inspectors .And kept toying with us . If Sadam would of left Kuwait alone . Thing would of been fine too. But War is wrong .