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Lovell says ABLP Benefitted From the CIP Windfall

Black Immigrant Daily News

United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell said:

“So they’re boasting about doing this and doing that, but of course they have the money to do it.

And where is the money coming from?

It’s coming mainly from the CIP.

We’re the ones who introduced the CIP and paid the ultimate political price because they, in a hypocritical way, went and argued against it, marched against it, ticketed against it, and then when the time came, they just hugged it up and they’ve benefited from it.

But we’re the ones who had the foresight, because when people like Lennox Western and Max Harrison were out there marching and saying that we’re not going to have the CIP program,

As soon as they want,they turn court and immediately embrace it as the greatest thing that ever hit Antigua.

So we know that we are on the right track, we’ve made the right decisions.

Decisions that affect people in a positive way, and which has made the economic fortunes of Antigua easier to navigate in terms of attracting ventures in investment and that sort of thing.

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Of course they’ve made a mess of it, but that’s a separate matter. ”