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‘Outrageous’: Legal analyst responds to Trump’s comments on E. Jean Carroll trial

I don’t know when politicians all over the world will be held accountable for their ill actions with out calling it witch hunt.

  1. This was a civil suit. And if you followed the case she actually presented 0 evidence. She couldn’t even prove they’ve ever met before, in any public setting.

    You could, tomorrow, say Trump raped you and sue in Manhattan and present the same case as she did and it would have the same amount of presentable facts.

    A proper judge would’ve thrown this out after they filed to dismiss. When you present a lawsuit to the court you actually have to state facts and the evidence you have backing it. She just said “X happened at Y location” and her word is the ONLY “evidence” presented.

    FYI: the word of one of the parties to the lawsuit cannot be evidence on its own.