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Retired colonel predicts what Putin might do to Ukraine in 2023

I want to make this clear. (1). I sympathize with the death and suffering endured by the Ukrainians. (2). What Russia is doing is wrong. (3). Wars don’t discriminate the innocents and the guilty.

The commentator, obviously is biased because he is on the US side, has brought out the very same reasons why America wages so many wars on foreign lands. For its own border security. He stated @1.59 that Russia doesn’t want Ukraine to used as a staging post by the west to threaten it.

Now let’s turn the table and look at what America has done in all these decades. It’s “pre-emptive strike doctrines” gave itself the reasons to start the many wars in the Middle East, Afghanistan. Sure, oil was a huge reason among the main one being “fighting and eliminate the threats to the US before they have a chance to get close to America.”

Russia is doing exactly the same thing as the US has been doing, with questionable success. Two wrongs doesn’t make one right. But the US and the west to a certain extend, would be the last that have the moral high ground in this case.