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Satellite images show 10-mile line of cars fleeing Russia

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Satellite images show 10-mile line of cars fleeing Russia 1

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  1. If Ukranian men , moments after being annexed by Russia are then immediately drafted to fight against their country of last week, I imagine we’ll see the absolute worst aim of any infantry regiments in the history of conflict.

    1. @Alex M Does not mean they support the Russian invasion and occupation.

    2. @Alex M Ethnic Russians? Good grief how ignorant.

    3. The most of the voters are old ladies, who barely can walk … Not the kind of fighters putin is looking for though… 🤭🤭🤭

  2. 💩 getting real in Russia. It’s like waking up from a long dream.

    1. The average Russian said “It’s great that President Putin is taking back OUR LAND from those Ukrainian NAZIs”, now when they are getting conscripted to go to the Ukraine and fill body bags…with their OWN bodies, they flee!

    2. @NBA1 Hello Igor! Did you get your conscript notice yet? 🤪

    3. When is💩going to get real in the USA so THEY can wake up from their long wet dream ever since the “fortified” election?

  3. That’s just amazing… Can’t blame them though… it’s not their war… It’s Putins…

    1. @Janek Mon If you live in Russia, you have no idea what is happening in the outside world because Putin controls the news. If you protest (free speech) you go to jail for years. If you “oppose” Putin politically, you are likely to disappear. Putin has 120 billion dollars in Swiss bank accounts. Do you know how he got it? He stole it from his own people.

    2. @Marilena Ganea it has to be a bot. Same name, exact same comment showing up repeatedly as a reply to several people, along with 2 other “bots” posting under the names Andrea Madden & Kristy Campbell using exact same comment over & over

    3. @Janek Mon It is still Ukraine the shame vote at gunpoint is not recognised by anybody.


  4. I heard Moscow held a referendum to join Ukraine and 112% of people voted in favour… now what!?

    1. @Janek Mon lol… and your account was created 7 months ago. Despicable human being. You represent evil.

  5. They are not fleeing. It’s a “special transport operation.”

    1. @Janek Mon Putin has been responsible for the murders of countless thousands of men, women, children and babies in the 22 blood soaked years he has ruled Russia. He has destroyed all political opposition by having them poisoned, shot, imprisoned on fake charges, thrown out windows, and drowned, assisted suicides, you name it. He even got his KGB to blow up apartments in Moscow as a pretext for the second war in Chechnya in which he obliterated Grozny and other towns just as he is doing in Ukraine and in Syria. These fake elections in newly occupied parts of Ukraine exactly mirror what Adolf Hitler did in the Second World War when he “rescued” persecuted German minorities in the occupied countries. These newly liberated German citizens were then frog marched into the German Army and that is precisely what Putin intends to do with his new citizens. Putin and his propaganda machine throw the word “Nazi” around all the time, ironic considering Putin and his followers are in every sense of the word, NAZIS.

    2. There was a terrorist attack on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, both were damaged. But the most interesting part was the NATO military exercises (REPMUS 22) with the help of unmanned systems. Recently, Russia in the Black Sea discovered two kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicles from the United States. Who benefits from destroying the European economy? If the production of Europe moves to the USA and boosts its economy! 8

    3. @Нико Инко lie harder Sergei. Your Russian tears taste like candy 🤣🤣

  6. They’re not fleeing it’s just a special vacation operation

    1. Putin has really started something here with his “special military debacle”.

  7. Donetsk and Luhansk are not former regions of Ukraine. They are Ukraine land occupied by Russia.


    2. Russia has destroyed gas lines to western Europe …NS1 and 2….causing huge problems as the war escalates.

    3. Yes,and in other news…the sky is blue,and it gets dark at nighttime.

    4. @Everything Is Happening Now ah. Russia belongs to Mongolia. I see.

  8. Funny how none of Russians seem to be crossing to China or Belarus ..😂🤣

    1. Dude come on, China is on the other side of the country. 80% of the Russian population lives in the west side

    2. China is still closed cuz of covid. You can get drafted to russian army in Belarus

    3. @jacqueline schael China also wouldn’t let them because they’d consider it a pollution of their bloodline, and it would overpopulated them farther while breaking the iron curtain.
      In Russia everything is fine until its you, but in China nothing happened in TienmanSquare

    4. @Janek Mon those countries are super diverse. Russia is the obsess with race claiming lands are for russians. Russia is way more extremly nationalistic…

  9. All of this would stop if Putin and Russia would just pull out of Ukraine.

    1. @karmpuscookie They claim they are being forced to invade Europe because of the mean Americans. Also something to do with a Jewish leader actually being a secret Nazi. It’s very odd.

  10. in February, tanks line up 10 miles to attack Ukraine, now cars line up 10 mile to flee Russia, what such an irony

    1. @Bulent Kizilima : Cowardice seems to have been bred into them. Their army only ever bombs civilians, takes what is not guarded and rapes defenceless women and children, and flees the field at the first sign of a Ukrainian soldier. And these are the very people that Putin wants to put into his meat grinder; the ones trying so desperately to flee before a shot has been fired? What use will they be? In an age where algorithms and satellites will pick them off long before they can be hastily shoved into their front lines. The only reason Putin hasn’t shut his borders yet, must be because he knows these are the very people who, when cornered like rats, will choose to join the protests and take 15 years in a gulag over certain death!

    2. I wonder why they don’t just waltz across our southern border. Everyone else is.

    3. @Brian Martinez Ok Briasky Martinezovitch you tragically transparent little Putinbitchclown troll,yawn off,you’re boring with your camp pink little maskirovka. 💩🤡🧚‍♀️😂

    4. Gesh …I thought you be talking about Both pipe lines being blown …They are blaming US navy ( No kidding ) …Killed back room ” Peace deal ” …Ex-Polish FM thanks US for destruction of Russian gas pipeline

  11. This is going to turn families against each other in that region for years. This is so crazy and unbelievable at this time. This will not go well for Russians for decades. Stay strong Ukrainians and surrounding countries, this is a one-man’s (Paper-Tiger) crazy dream.

    1. Families have always been against each other ever since NATO kept expanding farther and farther away from the North Atlantic

    2. The Russians stabbed us in the back after WW2. We forgave them and helped them rebuild their country when it collapsed in ’91. All we got in return was resentment and betrayal. They will not be helped again the country will really go down the toilet this time. Their only hope is the Chinese, they will ask a heavy price.

  12. This exodus was inevitable. In their shoes, I’d do exactly the same. Imagine going to fight for someone you don’t like (Putin) against something you don’t hate (Ukraine). Then imagine going to fight for something you love (Ukraine) against someone you hate (Putin). *That’s* why Russia, ultimately, has no chance of victory. 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 ✌️

  13. Imagine the traffic when people start to abandon their cars in the middle of the road.

    1. Yeah was thinking the same thing. Imagine thousands of people doing that.

  14. Showing up at your door and asking you to vote is not an anonymous vote.
    It’s intimidation.

    1. Like the U.S. Presidential election in 200?

    2. In France when I vote no-one knows for who I’m voting, it’s anonymous and without any intimidation. Not as I see about this vote concerning a very important topic for the future of these people. There is no political campaign and the possibility for different political party to expose their point of view on TV, newspaper or in alive during a campaign, the voter have to choose their choice in view of every body, people are intimidating…
      If someone call this an act of democracy I am worry about her or him

    3. @Trolling Them Softly
      And God…If we can trust at Him.

    4. @iggydeb , sorta like the American Presidential election in 2020? Exactly.

    5. They did not count anything anyway so it does not matter.

  15. It reminds me of the miles-long lines of military vehicles north of Kyiv six months ago. The retreat of those vehicles was an early turning point in the war. Let’s hope these lines will be one too.

    1. Absolutely. In fact, leaving Russia will open the eyes of most of these citizens to see the truth about this invasion. Hopefully, their voices will be louder and effective in ending this war.

  16. there is a very anti-putin attitude and lots of russia-critical media in georgia (and signs and flags expressing solidarity with ukraine). I wonder what effect it will have to have a lot of the previously rather apathetic russians exposed to this. they will be communicating with people back home, I think it could shake up the russian information bubble quite a bit.

    1. 1 Semechki for Putin Fuk what you saying it here 😠

      Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
      los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  17. Putin is like the Wizard of Oz at this point , a feeble broken down man who is only projecting power through smoke and mirrors….

  18. Few months ago, over 10 mile long military vehicles and equipments were seen moving to Kyiv, yet it had no effect on the war efforts surprisingly. Now, over 10 mile long civilian vehicles are seen leaving Russia. Let’s see the effect it will have on the war efforts. My bet is on the negative.

  19. Russia getting 93% of the vote in the Donbass is like me giving myself a score of 1575 on my SAT and then celebrating 🤣😂

    1. Do you think it makes any difference now ???…Both pipe lines being blown …They are blaming US navy ( No kidding ) …Killed back room ” Peace deal ” …Ex-Polish FM thanks US for destruction of Russian gas pipeline

  20. It’s disgusting these people are fleeing because they might be called up and not because the war is wrong.

    1. This is true but it is making big problems for putin, so I guess it is helping

    2. Many people just want to live their lives and not take part, nor die, in a fascist invasion. Yet, I also hope that they would work to stop this war, but perhaps this also helps towards that end.