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Stephanie Grisham on Melania Trump’s ‘no’ in addressing violence on Jan. 6

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  1. The more we get to learn about what happened during those days….the more it disgusts me!

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira yeah I read something about that

    2. @Paul Jansen the one with the demented “president”

  2. And there are some who will still defend this criminal and traitor though he betrayed them. How embarrassing!

    1. @Eric Batesyou just proved him right by attacking him for no reason.

    2. Jesus does not apologize for being against the usury

    3. Defending and supporting a traitor doesn’t make you a patriot, it makes you an accomplice.

    4. @Eric Bates is that all you can come up with???sad…verry sad.

  3. THAT was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Taking kids away from their parents and locking them in cages wasn’t enough?

    1. I sorta agree but that wasn’t Melania’s decision.

  4. If Meadows committed a crime it is important he be held accountable

    1. Some things are just more important in the US than holding politicians accountable. Like not holding politicians accountable.

    2. Mark Meadows is the patsy just like Allen Weisselberg. They did what trump told them to do.

  5. Of course Meadows name comes up all the time Trump was using his tongue for toilet paper

    1. Anything is possible with these folks; they are capable of anything. I won’t even try to understand the criminal mind!

  6. I’m so sick of seeing Stephanie Grisham on CNN .. she’s been on these CNN shows for months now. She does not deserve this special treatment. She was an enabler and shouldn’t be forgiven so easily.

    1. Agreed! Glad she’s turning a new leaf, but ya, she was waist deep in all that muck and only jumped ship when she knew it was sinking

    2. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise what happened?

  7. Yeah sure, “.. she was always the first to advise her husband when something wasn’t right”
    “It’s just locker room talk”

    1. Yeah, she didn’t give a dam..about her husband bragging about his behavior with women…Shameful!

  8. “Always be sincere, even if you don’t mean it” – Harry S. Truman

    1. Be careful what you quote. There is _no evidence_ that Harry S. Truman ever said that. It doesn’t appear in any of his papers, nor any of his speeches or interviews. The earliest documented use of that statement do not mention Truman, and were all from comedians.

    2. @case barreoltt Oh pu-lease. Mom was never that eloquent.

    1. For?? The dumbasscraps are scared because they are the criminals and they are being exposed as criminals!

  9. The significant number of ‘don’t recall’ answers from a significant number of people would suggest a significant unfitness for office.

  10. “I don’t care. Do you?” Melania Trump in duct tape.

    1. I don’t care for her or her family either. She got what she deserves.

    Those red Christmas trees were a major crime

  12. The vicious part of thing is these career criminals are still running a mock at the highest offices of our government.

    1. If the trump voters said TODAY , they dint like trump then EVERYONE ELSE will just follow … their started to show cracks now cause of the midterms

    2. So this show how POWER HUNGRY the right wing echo chamber is in america … they DEDICATED their life to PAMPER to ONE guy they dint like to just get the RATINGS and votes of the trump supporter

    3. So I’m say it again … it’s the trump supporters … that’s the problem … their gullible , easily manipulated , conspiracy theorist and fooled … yes , the new York santos FOOLED them with MANY lies … santos was just caught … they are fooled all the time it’s just santos was caught but most lies and conspiracies work on them

    4. So the problem is trump supporters .. that’s the biggest problem … the second problem is getting the country to respect law enforcement and not say defund FBI cause the right wing upset or defund police cause a few liberals got upset .. most cops are good … but the biggest threat to the union is trumpism


  14. Sara and Paula are two CNN reporters who are really shining this last week. Both are so intelligent and poised. Great reporting. Yeah.

  15. It’s pretty easy to determine the criminals, anyone that stuck w traitor after insurrection………guilty!!

  16. Melania has never forgotten where she came from. I think the culture of which she grew up in , it’s the man that makes the final decision.

    1. She scare. Because if she talk she will loose divorce settlement and alimony

    2. And you don’t marry for love. Its only what you can get out of your husband. In eastern Europe marriages are
      very transactional. Melania, like everyone around Donald has no care for him at all. Its only what
      they can get out of him. Money, power, influence. If she says no to him she is out on the street.

  17. The sad truth is, that from now on, every election is of paramount importance. Grievance politics is a symptom

  18. It’s actually embarrassing for the US that so many of these guys are still in positions of power given the circumstances, let’s just say that ‘suspension’ would be the least any regular person could expect till a full investigation is conducted.

  19. I could see Melania addressing the crowd from the window much like the mother in life of Brian.