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Style experts spot a ‘no-no’ inside the Oval Office

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Style guides including "GQ" style editors are slamming lawmakers' for the shoes they wore inside the Oval Office. #CNN #News

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  1. Why does Ms. Keilar have so many men to help her.
    She is the most competent anchor on the staff.
    Since Chris was hired.
    He’s Bad for CNN.

  2. Maybe Jeffries should have wore a white coat with fur…

  3. Really how about getting the bill passed I could care less what they are wearing!

    1. You could care less? You mean you couldn’t care less. If you could care less, that means you do care – at least to some degree.

  4. I had one of the finest Dr.’s In a Special field of medicine. Always had a suit and tie, however his choice of footwear, Crocs. Some person’s for medical reasons must wear comfortable shoes. However I agree with the comment, wear whatever footwear they want, just get the job done!

    1. I think all docs love crocs in the office. Ive seen my good share of them.

  5. Just use the word ergonomic in your wardrobe, then everything goes.

  6. Couldn’t care less about anyone wearing comfortable shoes in the Oval office.

  7. I really think they should wear high top sneakers like basketball players do

  8. Wait, coming from the man who wears bright green crocs and a suit? Like really?

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  10. No one in Americas Republican Party has any regard for standards and propriety, especially elasticated pants waist and diaper wearing Trump 😂😂😂

  11. Could It be possible for a former president to have someone push his ex-wife down the stairs ?

  12. They’re so weird like they are basically saying rich people are superior in the case that they’d never not ware a fancy expensive shoe with a expensive suit like ? How liberal of them lol

  13. If Obama did that, the GOP and Fox would hound Obama for the next half year.

  14. Good dress shoes are comfortable. No excuses for dressing like clowns.