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Tapper fact-checks Trump after town hall

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  1. And you guys gave him a microphone and platform to do it. Shameful on every level.

    1. So if trump isn’t allowed to
      Speak how do you know if you agree or disagree with? who do you want to decide on which opinions your allowed to hear?

    2. Disagree. The nation needs to see how deluded he is.

    1. He is extremely dangerous.
      We need to remember that!

    2. @alison moore I 1000% agree. He will start Ww3 he’s going to be a dictator or a Chancellor within the United

  2. CNN lost whatever respect they had left tonight.

    1. Tonight was a very sad indeed. And very very disgusting 🤮

    2. I was rooting for CNN but now they lost all my respect 🙁 time to move on to MSNBC

    3. ​@Anthony both CNN and MSNBC are absolute last resorts, I only tune into them when something requires be televised. Otherwise, axios, Associated Press, Politico, NPR, even BBC is pretty good. Those are where you’ll find the most unbiased news.

  3. It’s almost like his lawyers didn’t warn him that Jack might be paying attention.

  4. Another sad day for us watching America. I don’t fault CNN for broadcasting trumps spews, I fault the voters who cheer it. It’s the media’s job to show who these people are.

  5. I guess CNN can now call itself “Fair and Balanced”. 😏

  6. They should have filled the audience with Independents. No Republicans. No Democrats. Might have gotten a few more tough, hard-ball questions out of that kind of audience.

    1. Probably you noticed how biased, hostile and interrupting the host was. Do they treat Biden with the same toughness? Laughingly not.

    2. @Nina Noble The host used to work for Ben Shapiro at the The Daily Caller. She’s the most conservative host CNN has on offer, really.

    3. @Nina Noble If you were questioning someone and they repeatedly lied to you, would you challenge them or would you condescend and give them a free pass?

  7. CNN is now trying to close the gate after the horse has already bolted.

    1. I’ve already bolted my horse 3 times over that really beautiful guy ngl

  8. What did you guys think was going to happen. He’s disgusting and that’s not going to change. Why give him that platform. Remember now he’s a star.

    1. Tapper has too much integrity to be working for CNN, at least the CNN that I see heading towards Fox entertainment channel style. Please somebody, offer this fine man a better position at an honest news agency. 🙏🙏🙏

    2. @LZRD84 He’s too liberal biased. Does not deliver content without extreme slant. Fox does it too. We need someone to just DELIVER facts….not op eds. It’s so exhausting.

  9. no excusesTapper…CNN gave him the platform to lie & be his dispicable self!!!!

  10. I hope CNN gets a clue after this fiasco and never repeats the blunder.

  11. He should never have been given your platform to lie. Ridiculous.