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Tommie Lee Apologize To Chris Brown For Comments About His Son & Ammika Harris

Reality star Tommie Lee is apologizing to Chris Brown and the mother of his son Ammika Harris after she got into a drunken rage after she attempted to play with the child over the weekend.

Lee faced backlash due to her rude comments and insults about the artist’s son, whom she called “slow” and an “albino,” after Harris prevented her from touching or playing with the child seen backstage at a recent Chris Brown concert.

The reality star’s main page on Instagram was deleted after Chris Brown fans reported her account for bullying. It seems that Zeus Network also distanced itself from her after Natalie Nunn and Baddies star Rollie called her out for the rude behavior.

While at a press conference promoting an upcoming fight on the Zeus network between herself and Nunn, Tommie Lee apologized to Brown and his family and explained the situation as just “friendly sport.”

“I want to start off by addressing the elephant in the room. I want to start off by saying I love the children,” she said. “Last night in defense mode…I want to apologize to Chris Brown and his baby mother because it’s not my character. It started off as the, you know, friendly sport of it. It got real, it happened. We all human and I’m just here to knock this ***** out at this point.”

On Tuesday night, Tommie Lee went off on Instagram Live after she was called out for blowing up on Harris, who reportedly stopped Tommie from touching and playing with her child. The reality star accused her of closing a door in her face, although many fans felt that Tommie was out of line for trying to touch someone’s child uninvited.

To make matters worse, she did not apologize or accept accountability and instead went on to bash Chris, Harris, and even the innocent child.

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“I don’t care about your baby. F*ck your baby,” she continued. “And f*ck his daddy, too. The f*ck? Really. Like, girl. I ain’t pressed ’bout no motherf*ckin baby. F*ck him. All y’all look albino as f*ck,” she ranted.

Chris Brown has not reacted to the incident since.