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Why this retired Maj. Gen. thinks Sudan is ‘falling apart right in front of us’

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  1. Not sure why people are surprised, this happens once a decade at minimum.

    1. This is why their daddy Putin coming to the rescue for the poor of Africa

    2. @Don Quarnstrom I’m sorry… are you trying to blame this on trump? Where TF did that come from?

  2. I’m going to guess US interests have a role in it. Usually do

    1. @Chris
      Yet we’re poor as fk lol
      Look at me for example am lost and don’t know where to go after my home is demolished, well at least I have internet access

    2. Russian actually. They want continued access to the gold mines, and wagner is supplying the RSF weapons.

  3. The African union needs to be involved!not anybody else across any waters! It’s their backyard!💯💯💯

    1. @Charles Hoang “Serving the country interest” is ALWAYS the excuse used for meddling in foreign affairs.

    2. @Don Quarnstrom Didn’t deny it. But Black ppl have been telling others to “stay out black people business” for years. So in respect, we should stay out of it. Black excellence will fix it all.

    3. @Michael what a silly thing to say. but, you be you.

    4. @Don Quarnstrom I’m not the one who requested it. Tell them.

  4. It’s fairly easy to identify who suffers from this violence. Harder to identify is, who benefits?

    1. See what happens when a loving god or gods don’t exist

    2. @Brandon Why would you ever state something as an opinion that you’re not sure is a fact? Let’s see. The first step of the scientific method is forming a hypothesis. Basically saying “I believe this to be true, but don’t know for a fact. Lets explore this”. Stating beliefs is a necessary step in the pursuit of reducing uncertainty and scientific thought. If you’re not arrogantly claiming your belief to be true there is no problem with hypothesizing.

    3. @Gregory Stocker okay then.

      I believe there is a guy named Greg Stocker who is personally benefitting from the war in Sudan. I’m not sure why or what side he is on yet.

    4. IDK what kind of rare earth elements does Sudan have. Those are the elements that people don’t think about much but are very important to microchips, cell phones, etc. IIRC, Africa is pretty rich in those elements and a lot of the strife there comes from corporations trying to make sure they have a friendly government to make good deals with.

  5. You’d hafta assume Sudan was ever together to be able to fall apart

  6. Funny how he realizes that,but cannot see our nation is crumbling before our eyes 😂

    1. Ya, like we need another vile rapper to go on about violence with guns, drugs, & hate. And keep the Bibles out of school.

    2. ​@BLaCkKsHeEp maybe that’s why he suggested it? We won’t miss it & they will get some fluid in their veins?

    3. ​@m jor faith in NY, California, Florida are fading fast. Southern Texas is pretty Shakey too

    4. @Kathryn Carter there are no grenades, rockets and missiles being launched in those States. Get real

  7. I’m still wondering if someone who’s in a position to do something about it has noticed that this country is falling apart before our eyes.

    1. Is the sky falling, Chicken Little? Your life being miserable doesn’t mean the country is “falling apart”.

    2. “The problem is Sudan doesn’t have enough diversity and transvestites.” Said every woke democrat.

  8. Would be curious to see how this’ll affect the standoff between Egypt and Ethiopia with an unstable Sudan between the two of them.

    1. @Imanol Durango I’m aware, there’s no penalty for being curious though.

    2. Care for what will happen to this country in near future not other countries much less on other side of earth

    3. @Lg Star there is no penalty in being interested or curious about the goings on of the world about you and being worldly, and knowing about what happens beyond the borders of your town, county, state, and country. Very often we learn, especially in the modern era, that what happens on the other side of the globe has a funny way of impacting our lives here in ways we wouldn’t ordinarily expect. Not like I’m arguing for an excursion into Sudan either.

    4. ​@Deborah Freedman lol you got it wrong it’s not the black christains vs Arabs it’s afro Arabs from the west of sudan vs afro Arabs from North of sudan

  9. One thing the U.S. government and I have in common, we both know how to pull out very quickly…. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Yeah very quickly…only 30 years in Afghanistan, and we still left people behind to die and weapons for the Taliban.

    2. So, your PP is covered in corn and peanuts? Did you at least get his name?

  10. I am a normal fifty-something year old man, and I am semi-ashamed to admit.. I giggle every time someone says “Djibouti”

  11. The Sudanese military was cooperative with evacuations of foreigners and is not preventing locals from leaving either.

    1. Practicing unbelievable restraint considering it was US agencies arming the rebels for the coup

    2. How nice of them, they are true gentlemen, aren’t they?

    3. @Eric Zee Russian actually. As they want continued access to the countrys gold mines. Wagner is already flying in weapons from Libya.

  12. I’m finding it odd that several countries are moving their people out of Sudan etc as if they’re aware Sudan and surrounding countries will be destroyed

  13. The problem with Sudan and much of Africa is that these are young, undeveloped countries. They are collections of diverse tribal groups lumped together by former colonial nations like Britain, France and Germany. Sudan has the additional problem of having a large Muslim majority that just overthrew an Islamic dictatorship. What Sudan needs is nation building. Who is going to do that? The United States tried that in Afghanistan. How did that work?

    1. People; no matter which Group they belong to; they need to Grow Up; and Do what’s Best for themselves.

  14. As the crazy world we all live in seems to be spinning out of control, it’s hard to know what is true anymore. But I still hope that the course where on can be corrected, but I have my doubts. Ask yourself this, knowing what you know now if you could go back in time say eight years, would you do anything different to change where you are at now?

  15. I’m always curious what they are avoiding when they actually bring up Africa. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  16. The civilians need help over there and the US needs to help just like they help everybody else! 💯💯💯